Why not order a 30-day Ending of ISIS?

30 days of tactic
Trump and his 30 day review of strategy & tactics

Donald Trump thinks a month of review is needed to slam Islamic Totalitarianism. What?

Just when a good many people, myself included, thought we were living under someone who vowed to take a Nothing Less Than Victory approach to crushing Jihad. Trump has decided that doing his job right begins with doing something Ayn Rand Institute has been doing for 15 years. That is, to review how to defeat Islamic Totalitarianism, the ideology behind ISIS. However, I must prop up something to say before I go into this topic. Just because I am about to carefully explain why this is not a needed step to victory? No, that does not make me a shill for Hillary. Rather, that means I backed three different people against the Donald, my fave of them being Austin Petersen.

There’s been another review of strategy roughly every week.

The smart people of Ayn Rand Institute are not the only people who’ve pressed about strategy. However, they have pressed for the smartest military strategy in academia. They very carefully highlight what military strategies have worked for the United States against past enemies. And of course here I am doing my own review of this latest in military news.

Answers to questions in military strategy

“What is the ideology of ISIS?” As I will keep on saying again and again, the ideology of ISIS is one called Islamic Statism. However, official terms for their ideology are terms like Islamic Nationalism and Islamic Totalitarianism. And this is one of wanting to force all humans to live under global theocracy. “Does ISIS have any State Sponsors of them?” Predictably, yes it does! Almost all State Sponsoring of ISIS comes from Saudi Arabia, quite naturally. Sadly, we have been ignoring this fact for quite the longest time. Good news is we have not been ignoring other state sponsors of Islamic Statism. We have turned no such blind eye to Al-Qaeda sponsoring by Afghanistan in 2001. Nor have we ignored Saddam Hussein’s sponsoring of Islamic Statist militias in 2003.

Review has already been done.

And so it is time to move past review and put together a plan for totally ad utterly stamping ISIS into nothing. So as to close, I will not give any specifics, but I will advise the US military the following. They need to totally destroy all Legit Military Targets under ISIS control while including any and all government service workers, buildings and items as LMTs. How to go about that and the fine details should remain a secret kept between US troops.