Bill Gates hinting at support for Green capitalism?

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, founder & owner of Microsoft

Bill Gates gave a speech indicating he might be… a Green capitalist?

The multi billionaire behind Microsoft, Xbox 360 and Windows 7; Bill Gates; has recently discussed climate change at a college. The deeply charitable human has made remarks against climate change denial that sound a little, at least to me, like Green Capitalism. But what exactly is green capitalism? Frankly, it is a point of view whose official name is Eco-Capitalism, but what does it say? Okay, Eco-Capitalism is a free market claim that profit depends ecological stability to exist. Also, this claim asserts that the only regime tools that can help the environment are market tools.

Giving Examples of such Market Tools

Easily the best example to give of these tools is Cap and Trade. Basically cap and trade is a policy of imposing a carbon emissions allowance that includes a right to do ’emissions trading’. The whole intention is to provide incentives to voluntarily move on to green energies. Bill Gates though notes that computer science and biology these days could lead to “profound innovation”, despite making no mention of government involvement.

What do I make of all of this?

Honestly, I agree with Gates on this issue of acting market based pushes to cleaning the atmosphere. But on the other hand, I do not know if he is exactly a ‘green capitalist’ per se. Not to mention, my proposal about sensible energy policy differs from green capitalism itself.

Something I would rather our nearly perfect nation do is a sort of multi step process. For starters, I’d rather we get rid of all subsidies and create a total Separation of Economy and State. Next, I’d like to see the Environmental Protection Agency made so small that all they can ever do is class pollution and littering as property crimes. Why am I such a minimalist on desirable government power? Because, in total honesty, the only categories that behaviors worth punishing fall into is Fraud, Forceful Crime & Property Crime.