Judge Andrew Napolitano: rule Ellis Island law as only lawful border law!

Judge Andy Nap!
Judge Andrew Napolitano is making a speech about something

New York State judge upholds the need for Ellis Island immigrant law against Exec orders!

American District Court Judge Ann Donnelly has taken action to block Donald Trump’s orders, defending freedom of movement! So the president is not allowed to bar foreigners within our borders from becoming Americans. Also, only Congress can make border laws, and even then only with naturalization as goal. Which is why from 1890’s to 1950’s Ellis Island had the best border law America’s ever had. Back then, newcomers needed a disease check and a security check and then were free to formally apply for citizenship themselves. Plus amnesty was never granted back then and border walls were never built, and neither of these are needed now. So then, should Andrew Napolitano lead our path to recycling Ellis Island border law? However, who is Andrew Napolitano anyway?

For those not knowing who he is…

Please let me explain; Judge Andrew Napolitano is a senior Judicial Analyst for Reason Magazine. But also, he was a former judicial branch ruler on the federal level. Mentally, he is a Libertarian like my good self. However, unlike most libertarians, he tends to be on the Pro-Defense side of US military debates. Plus, this is a judge who makes solid cases, in this topic, for an easy path to citizenship that excludes amnesty.

Okay, this part’s for Judge Nap himself!

Dear Judge Andrew Napolitano;

I wish to show you the historic success of Ellis Island law on immigration. According to this neat video, Ellis Island had 6 decades of safely processing newcomers to America! And it was not just European migrants like my own ethnically Irish fellow Perkins people of the time. Take World War One times for example. Armenians, Greeks, Syrians and even Turks were fleeing from Islamic Statist tyranny and genocide. Specifically, The Ottoman Caliphate’s Sunni Islamic Statism, was incentivizing a genocide.

But there were those failing security tests and those were banned from our nation. Therefore, it is easy to see that Ellis Island policy is not naive about security issues. Actually, I am calling upon you, Judge Napolitano, to use the first chance you get to rule about this Ellis Island border law. Please, use that chance to rule the Ellis Island immigration policy from 1890s to 1950s as the only constitutional immigration policy.

And yes, the above notes on Ellis Island migrant policy is my message to all of America as well.