12 Keys to Government Revenue in a Neolibertarian society

Benrie Snaders speaking truth to revenue??
Thank you fellow Lovers of Liberty for this meme!

Revenue cannot be raised by taxation, at least not anymore.

After getting out of my work load of today, I browsed around for some news reports to reply to. Luckily, I was able to find this one about 3 different ways a poor dude like me can reduce one’s own taxes. Yeah, I have a dose of reality for Forbes about to occur. Raising revenue by taxation is to raise it by theft, which is a property crime. However, there are legit arguments to make about taxation being extortion instead of theft. Unless you factor in the IRS and how sometimes they arrest folks for ‘tax evasion’, then taxation is extortion. If we look at private markets, then we note that they’re only allowed to raise revenue by voluntary payments. Time to explain 12 ways to build government finances in a neolibertarian society.

Before We Begin; what’s a ‘neolibertarian’?

In essence, a neolibertarian like me is a fiscal libertarian who supports a strong military capability. But it also means I support using that military to passionately defend and promote laissez faire capitalism. It is quite a contrast to mainstream libertarian opinion. Frankly, that’s because (I’d say) about 3/5 of the Libertarian Party & movement are what I call Anti-Defense. Plus the reasons they give appear to be all about denying painful realities. Therefore, neolibertarianism is what drove me to start this analysis hub.

1. Lotteries

Gamblers! Ever wonder what those lotteries you always go to are, almost entirely? Yeah, those are basically non-tax revenue tools of Connecticut and other State level regimes. Please, allow me to use my own state’s lottery as an example. Connecticut, as my state, uses the ‘CT Lottery’ to fund services I see right in my town. These include Cheshire Public Library, Cheshire Public Schools, other Cheshire public services and other CT towns’ equivalents too!

2. Fundraisers

You know how sometimes you’ll drive around in the summer and you’ll see people offering car wash service? And how most of the time it is to raise money for a certain humane cause? Lovably, that makes fundraisers the best way ever to attract voluntary donations! Meaning… gleefully paid tributary dollars to the government.

3. User Fees

Question! Are you, reader(s), planning on traveling interstate for any reason? If so, then get ready to pay toll booths as those are user fees. Basically, user fees are also prices charged by the government for things like airports.

4. Permit Fees

Ethically, charging money for passports and for work visas makes far more sense then laying and collecting taxes. This is moral revenue as it stems from people wanting to do all it takes to travel into foreign lands. Not to mention, there is a consistent reliability with Work Visas as they need to be renewed every so often.

5. Criminal Fines

On one hand, the only crimes that do, or should, count as crimes are ones that constitute fraud, force or theft. However, that does not mean government shouldn’t fine perps very expensively for such crimes. Instead fining perps callously high prices for fraud, force or theft is actually a human rights-enforcing way to raise revenue!

6. Royalty Deals

I’m an aspiring novelist, with Medieval-like Dark Fantasy being my chosen genre. Therefore I’d love to make a deal with the US military where I agree to give them 12% royalties from my mythology’s revenue if they agree to have their employers, the feds, not tax me! And that’s a personalized example of how government can do good off of royalties.

7. Concession Deals

PEOPLE! Ever wonder what kind of revenue water supply is for government? Specifically, it is a type of a ‘concession’ deal. Therefore it is a deal wherein the government grants assets or other property to one or more specific individuals. However, the granting of concessions does not happen all that often outside of the European Union, as far as this neolibertarian (me) can tell.

8. Rental Deals

Honestly I am aspiring to begin college by the first day of 2017’s Autumn season. Which is why I do not believe in using taxation to pay for public education. Rather, I see public education as something to be funded by rental deals. However, there is the question of who the government ought to make rental deals with. If it were up to me, I’d say they have to make rental deals with the parents, and at college level with the students.

9. Asset Sales

But wait! What is an asset in economics? Okay, an asset is basically a resource that can be sold for revenue and in this case a government can raise it by selling various assets. However, I do need to give an example of an asset! Let’s say civil servants were selling raw lumber, of all assets. Likely, they’d be selling plenty of legit supply of a raw material to make plenty of valid revenue.

10. Endowments

Basically endowments are donations of any property, monetary or otherwise, to a nonprofit to sustain it. For example, if I had flawless emeralds I wanted to donate to the US military for free, they’d be able to sell it to someone who’s into emeralds to raise revenue!

11. State Owned Enterprises

Okay, if the private sector has to play by the rules of supply and demand paired with the golden rule, government should have to as well. Which is why my advise for Connecticut’s next governor is this. Open a state owned enterprise to fund CT state universities and such instead of taxing anything! I say the same to the feds and the other 49 states, too.

12. War Reparations

Perhaps the most relevant way to a military to fund that military, and fund vets, without taxation. In this sense, war reparations are compensation funds paid by a defeated tyranny to a neolibertarian society. Basically, these funds are to pay for damages done by the tyranny to the neolibertarian society. Both monetary and human damages, that is.