Attorney General Fired Over a Simple Question?

Her question lead her to opposing exec orders.
Attorney general opposing executive orders

Attorney General fired over a question relevant to the US Constitution.

So Donald Trump has recently fired the Attorney General for asking a question of whether his refugee ban is constitutional. However, this attorney general’s side of the story are not without error. Frankly, it’s because she acted on a question without bothering to search the constitution for an answer. This article first gives the answer to the unanswered. Then I’ll dig into whether or not executive orders can ever be justified. And then I will allow you to think over this news analysis in your own line of thinking.

Constitutionality of Executive Orders.

So far as I am concerned, you are free to download a PDF of the Constitution here. Knowing I use a MacBook pro, I actually did ‘Command + F’ and typed ‘executive order’. The results I got looked like this.

answer to question of exec orders
Honest answer to the question of executive orders

What does that even mean? Honestly, it means that executive orders are always crimes as in they’re power abuses. Does this mean Obama and previous presidents have done crimes too, by this reckon? Yes.

There is an easily useful table graph on Forbes about how abusive various Industrial and Digital Age presidents have been. Barack Obama has issued 37 executive orders in 8 years, Bush Jr. issued roughly as many at 36. The biggest constitution abuser in US history was Harry Truman, of all presidents! Truman issued over 113 executive orders in his 8 years.

Can Executive Orders be justified?

Well, allow me to ask you this. If James Madison, author of our constitution, were here today, would he support executive orders? No, he would not.

Instead the only justifiable refugee control policy is, at least on a migration level, is to let Congress make one. Legally, congress is allowed to make one by debating first and then voting Yes or No from their individual points of view. Then they send the idea that gets the most Yes votes to Trump. Next, Trump is supposed to either sign or veto the refugee policy.

The question of ethical and moral migrant policy

Which, if turned to me, my answer would be one with a historic case to make for it. Luckily, this case is well within US history, making it easier to argue for than, say, free banking. Personally, as an atheist, I assure you my Irish Catholic migrant ancestors came here through Ellis Island. And they has to pass the toughest criminal and medical background checks in US history, and when they did they were free to formally apply for citizenship but were not granted amnesty. And they were most thankfully not kept out by a stupidly expensive thing like a wall. In fact, some time ago, I called on a fellow Libertarian Partier (I recently joined my CT state level party) Andrew Napolitano to rule this Ellis Island policy as the only moral, legal, & constitutional border control.