Neil Gorsuch: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown.

Neil Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch speaking about a constitutional issue

Let’s Analyze Neil Gorsuch, the current Supreme Court Pick.

Recently, there has been commentary on supreme court pick Neil Gorsuch about voluntary euthanasia. However, one must not jump to conclusions simply because he is strongly against allowing it. Perhaps that is one bad trait in a legion of bad traits aside a legion of good traits. Frankly, there is no better time than this particular week to debate and discuss the nominee. Whenever I review something or in this case someone, my order is talk bad traits first, then good traits, then final verdict. I am going to use this page and others to prove his views and I am going to use other pages to justify my opposition to some and support of others. I will add a 1 to his score for positives, a 0 for unknowns and a 0 for negatives.

The Unknown Traits

  1. This nominee’s immigration opinion is not well known outside of his brain. But, what I do know is we need Ellis Island model border control and no other border controls.
  2. We so far know absolutely nothing about his foreign policy and national defense views. Maybe this may not be all that relevant?

The Bad Traits

  1. He does not seem to recognize a line at Viability outside the womb. Instead he appears to aspire to sign his opinion on abortion legality into law.
  2. Gorsuch has not been clear about the moral necessity of Marriage Privatization. Instead he claims to be no fan of ‘litigation’, whatever he means by that.

The Good Traits

  1. He Opposes tax dollar funding of Planned Parenthood. My hope is that by this he means he wants to totally privatize it, but I suspect to be wrong.
  2. Gorsuch desires a textualist application of Amendment 2. Now he needs to pledge to the same for Amendments 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24, and 26.
  3. He favors legalizing medical weed, but only so far as he wants the medical weed issue decided state by state.
  4. Gorsuch is strongly in favor of term limits for Congress, and for all politicians as well. Meaning to me he favors ending corruption and maybe wants to end corporatism.
  5. From what can be seen here, the nominee also opposes economic regulation and social criminalization alike. This is lovely news for libertarians of all 10 kinds!
  6. Gorsuch is also extremely against setting limits to Due Process and to the Presumption of Innocence.
  7. On gay rights and gender equality, Gorsuch seems to support these from within the 14th amendment, i.e. equal treatment under the law.

Final Verdict

I impose, onto nominee Gorsuch, a grade of 64%, which in my way of reviewing means I am generally Mixed about the guy. My grading style is based on the Metacritic grading line.