Nonintervention is Special Snowflake foreign policy, mostly.

snowflake meme

Snowflake think (like an SJW) in most libertarians? Call it Non-Interventionism.

Snowflake. This is not a normal article for a solidly libertarian journalism hub! But this topic about snowflake think is something I wanted to get out there on this hub of mine as soon as can be. Frankly, I am doing this piece in reply to this case against Trump’s not needed travel ban. However, I must do a brief, actually no, colorful disclaimer before I dig into this snowflake issue.

I am still a ‘card carrying’ Libertarian the same sense that Dave Rubin, who I greatly respect, is still a ‘card carrying’ liberal. Please, allow me to give examples.

  • Proudly, I support free markets, free trade, and rules of supply and demand under free enterprise.
  • Happily, I support the US constitution, the rule of law, and the concept of indirect democracy.
  • Gleefully, I support freedom of choice in food, in clothing, and all-around in lifestyle
  • Boastfully, I support privatizing marriage, charity, and social security
  • Lovingly, I support both gay rights and gun rights, while opposing both political correctness and patriotic correctness.
  • Equally, I support both free banking and the gold standard.
  • Radically, I back ideas like replacing all taxation with Non-tax Revenue. And also replacing all regulation with the golden rule.

Okay, now I am going to assume all the Non-interventionist snowflake pacifists and America-haters are gone. And give a number of reasons for my opinion on the Principle of Non-intervention. This is a principle that…

1. Openly hates every US soldier.

Grossly, the ‘principle’ of Non-intervention trains my party of individualists to do a kind of collectivism. Namely, an angry, emotional snowflake brand of group think that is about blanket hate to all US troops. Thankfully, fellow LP voter and comedian Doug Stanhope avoids this group think. Basically, Doug acts a true libertarian by judging US soldiers on an individual basis. And as an American who votes Libertarian, I judge US soldiers on an individual basis too! Sadly, though, most libertarians engage in this blanket hate of all US troops. Snowflake virtue who agrees with VenomLeaks aka WikiLeaks on everything.

2. Treats the American people as the giant evil of Earth.

Of course, Non-intervention tends to invoke an SJW snowflake element. Take Blowback toxin as I call it and its fetish for victim blaming on innocent Americans. In short, the bold and bare faced lie that Islamic Totalitarians attacked We The People because we voted for cultural imperialist rulers. Blowback is a cancer on the libertarian movement and Libertarian Party. Frankly, that’s because it trains us to think anyone who disagrees with cultural relativism is an evil person. However, truth is that cultural relativism is trashy and can be debunked by numbers, even numbers from Cato Institute.

3. Erodes a free society’s right of self-defense.

Frankly, a free society is nothing like a Dictatorship mentally. Dictatorships are cesspits that openly attack libertarian values and therefore have no rights. Yet, here comes Non-intervention to get libertarians thinking a tyranny has ‘rights’ to sovereignty. On top of this, Non-intervention claims that a free society should cooperate with a tyranny and be friends with it. True libertarians will see this as the most immoral standard of diplomacy ever. Lastly, Non-intervention demands a free society to avoid defending innocent life and to instead obsess over only defending one’s property.

4. Obsesses over soft crimes by free societies. While censoring facts about hard crimes by tyrannies.

Largely, there is a legion of examples of Non-intervention loving to teach hatred of free societies. And also loving to teach sympathy for blatant tyrannies. The very first one I am eager to name is the venom that Non-intervention spews into libertarian minds about Israel vs Arab League. Because frankly, how do you sympathize with a proxy army? That’s all Palestinians are is a proxy army, there’s no such thing as “they’re hurting  Palestinian civilians”! As in a proxy army that Saudi Arabia owns half of with Iran as master of the other half of. Then there is Saddam Hussein. While censoring facts about his liberty abuses because Non-intervention told them to, ‘libertarians’ fetishize some drastically less hurtful abuses by some corrupt US military individuals that were harshly punished. Also because Non-intervention told them to.

Look, I can go on forever against Non-intervention and how it is snowflake think but there are much gander things for me to comment on!