Trump allies with Islamic Totalitarian Heartland Saudi Arabia!

Saudi King = Satan Incarnate [metaphorically]
Islamic Totalitarian movement grandmaster Salman of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world. And all Trump can do is ally with them!?

Donald Trump has decided to ally with Saudi Arabia against Iran, as a move to ‘win’ against Islamic Totalitarianism. Wait, what!? So far as I am concerned this is the dumbest move Donald Trump has ever made over this enemy ideology. However, Iran is truly also a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian terror. Basically Iran uses every penny of money it gets from anyone to be the second biggest sponsor ever of Jihadi terror. Mainly, though, Saudi Arabia is the principle sponsor of Jihadi terrorism. Notably, Iran and Pakistan are tied for second biggest sponsors. But, as for Saddam’s Iraq and Assad’s Syria, their state sponsorship of Jihad was drastically minor in comparison. Conversely, Islamic Statist lands, where ‘Sharia’ applies in full, are much larger sponsors of Jihadi terror than secular tyrannies like Syria.

But, didn’t we grow Islamic Statism by ending Saddam?

No. Saddam’s Iraq was actually a state sponsor of many terror groups. However, far more of these were Arab nationalist and very few of them were Islamic nationalist. But, as far as Gaddafi in Libya goes, he quit sponsoring terrorism as preventive surrender to us. And he did so as his reaction to the 2003 end of Saddam. But hey, so did Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, for this matter! Back then, in 2003, Mubarak and Gaddafi were both scared mindless, and so severed all their ties to Islamic Statism!

Saudi Arabian ties to the 9/11 Attacks

This is a kingdom who puts its pilgrims up to sponsoring of Jihadi terrorism. Plus, this kingdom also embeds Jihadi ideology into every Mosque it builds outside of itself. Since 2007 there have been ambassadors acutely aware of Saudi sponsorship of the Islamic Statist movement! Apparently, the Saudis finance the Islamic Statist movement with the profits they make off fossil fuel.

Don’t other Islamic States also Sponsor Jihadi terror?

Yes, of course they do! Frankly are you’re curious which nations have latent Jihad abilities and have shown in posture they want to wage Jihad on us? Well, then ask oneself How many countries do Sharia Law? This way, you may get a list of countries that are the ones with at least a latent Jihad ability. It’s the ones whose names are bolded in the Google search result, there.

What should the US military do instead?

The US military should take it upon itself to get Congress to authorize an independent US military annihilation of Islamic Statist ideology at its source. Basically, take a Nothing Other Than Victory approach to these enemies. Meaning that at least half a million US troops should take an approach that exerts total destruction of any and all Legitimate Military Targets. However, this approach should also include any and all government employment workers and workplaces as Legit Military Targets. But am I missing anything? Why yes I am, Saudi Arabia needs to be the primary target. Meanwhile; Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brunei, Qatar, Yemen and even Mauritania should be secondary targets.

And after victory in each case?

Yeah, after we have destroyed these enemy governments, we need to go by the following steps in each nation.

  1. Bring home a giant majority of the US troops
  2. Leave behind roughly 5000 in each nation
  3. Have the troops who stay behind foster the growth of capitalism in the foreign land