Mr. Trump Officially Sucks at Defending the Libertarian World

Australian PM - Sorry for my 45th's FAIL at defending you.
Malcolm Turnbull granting a speech somewhere in urban Australia

Donald J. Trump officially sucks at defending the honest & simple Libertarian world

Good god, says this atheist. There goes Donald Trump again. This time he’s falsely accusing the Australian president of sponsoring a second Boston Bombing. However, the US and Australia have historically had beautiful relations. Basically this nation to nation beauty ranged from trading with each other to defending each other. Also it ranged from being in on OECD together to bilaterally defending the Asia Pacific from the wrath of General Hideki Tojo.

Electoral Disclaimer

No, this is totally and utterly not a claim that Hillary would have been better or even less bad. Just because I am calling Trump out on something he’s doing wrong does not make me a shill for Hillary.  In fact, I very strongly backed someone called Austin Petersen against both of these during Spring of 2016. Also you need to go to my ‘What I Believe Who I Am‘ page to learn my exact views. Now I am going to assume I have deterred the impulsive ones, so let’s move on to talking the actual topic. Friends defending each other instead of smearing each other.

Trump Threatens How Australians and Americans look at each other

Gallup finds that I am one of 92% of Americans who views Australia as an honest friend. On the flip side, Pew Global finds that 66% of Australians see us the same way. Not to mention, Australia has been one of our top truest friends and allies in fighting Islamic Statism. And they have a lovely record of defending us and us doing the same for them. Frankly this is a record that spans back to World War Two’s Pacific front. Plus, the Australians thoughts about the Boston Bombing can be summed up by this screen cap I took.

Donald Trump ignores the above because of the filth he adheres to called Populism.

Defending Friends does not require treaties, but does require empathy

Proving he has no concept of empathy, Trump goes and claims the lie he claimed to provoke this post from me over a treaty. However, the truth about friendship between nations is identical to the truth about it between humans. Just as people need empathy and mutual likes instead of treaties to be friends, so too do nations need mutual likes and not treaties for friendship. Of course, we live under a president who cannot accept this fact of diplomacy. Trump is really testing my patience with the American electorate.

And I pledged to not do blanket hatred to the entire American electorate. Trump’s taste in friends overseas is eroding my ability to keep my pledge and it’s not even time to vote Yes or No on re-electing him yet.

From jacking up friendliness with obvious enemies to throwing horrific false claims at obvious friends, here is where I am now drawing the line. If Trump says anything false about Liberty in Israel, and specifically the subject of Liberty, then I will openly hate and smear 100% of the American electorate forever. Democrats and Republicans.