How Trump Warning Iran Will Backfire, What We The People must do.

Dictator of Iran
Hassan Rouhani; the proxy dictator of Iran, whose nation is the third largest sponsor of Jihadi terrorism at present.

Donald Trump has warned Iran against nuking anything.

When it comes to Iran, they are a massive state sponsor of Jihadi terrorism. However, Donald Trump is here to… command them to behave better or else. Yeah, allow me to dig into this in order for my fellow Connecticut Libertarian Partiers to know the facts.

Firstly, Hassan Rouhani is the current proxy dictator of Iran. As for the nation itself, its a theocratic big government statist regime. Specifically, it is a Shia-Islamic religious fanatic regime with rigged elections. Broadly speaking, its politics are based directly on the ideology of Islamic Statism. Also known to the Ayn Rand Institute folks as Islamic Totalitarianism. Matter a fact, the terror militias that they sponsor are legions of Islamic Statists. Several Islamic Statist troop types make up, in essence, the Iranian military. The legion known as the ‘Quds’ is this regime’s equal to the Nazi Vaffen SS, meaning they’re the elite of Iranian Islamic Statist elite.

Freedom and Liberty in Iran (there is none)

Cato Institute has found that Iran is perhaps the worst nation ever in human freedom. Worse yet, this nation is the 6th lowest country in the world [of 160] for the economic freedoms that are byproducts of Laissez Faire capitalism. Plus, the same think tank also finds that Iran buys weapons from secular dictators and resells them to Islamic Statist militias. Granted, they mostly equip much of this weaponry to their official military, but their official military is also Islamic Statists.

What Threat is this regime to Americans?

From leading its people to weekly chants of ‘Death to Americans‘ to keeping the 33rd highest funded and 8th most peopled military. Basically this regime is a latent threat who’s proved in posture that it wants to kill all Americans. When it comes to fellow libertarians, Utah Senator Mike Lee knows the danger of Iran better than maybe anyone else in the Federal Gov right now. And if we just go with commanding them to quit nuclear, their posture is proof they will use their military against We The People of the United States of America.

How do we address this latent threat?

Firstly we can start by getting Congress to approve US military retaliation against Iran. Secondly the military needs to totally destroy every Legitimate Military Target under enemy control. Meanwhile our troops need to include any and all enemy government workers and properties as LMTs. After the swift victory is claimed, we need to bring a huge majority of troops home while a few thousand stay there to foster the growth of Capitalism.