France Takes First Step in Right Angle Against Islamic Statism!

Woman of military of France
French military heroine who shot a pawn of Islamic Statism!

France Has its Military standing up to Islamic Statist bullies, predators, and terrorists! Go France!

France has a supreme heroine in its military! Some Islamic Statist decided to take a machete and butcher every woman in a French platoon. But they retaliated instantly, or rather, the French woman warrior above preempted the barbarian. As in she shot that Statist filth almost to death when he was right about to chop someone down the head! However, I have some constructive criticism for the French military. I want the French to know that they have taken the first step to waking up to individual right of self-defense. More broadly, also societal right of self-defense! Okay, that sounds more like a compliment but my intent still stands. Firstly, we must look at the history of French society and Greater Middle East society relations.

Greater Middle Eastern & French Relations History

Islamic Statist initiations of force against France for political and social goals dates back to the Medieval Times. For example, the Islamic Statists kicked off their relations with the French by attempting to murder it. Therefore in the year 732 the Battle of Tours happened. Much later in 1954 that Statist scum incited a civil revolt by Algeria against the French. However this ended with a 1962 truce. And of course these days, if you go here and do control (command on Apple OS) + [F] and type ‘France’ into the find bar you’ll see the Islamic Statists have violated France about 49 times between late 2001 and now.

What’s next for the French military to do?

Basically, the French intel agencies need to learn all they can about State Sponsors of Islamic Statist acts of terror. And then they will find that it’s any nation where Sharia applies in full.

Purple = full Islamic Statism
Islamic Statism by country (purple = Islamic Statist regime)

Or the people of France can just use this map above to figure out which societies are their enemy. It’s the ones shaded in purple.

Then given the 49+ Islamic Statist attacks including the one this post is commentary on, I say onto France:

  • You have a duty to the French people to totally destroy every Legit Military Target under the control of these regimes, and to include any and all government program actors and institutions under those regimes as LMTs. However, then I’d advise that you bring a huge majority of troops home and leave a few thousand behind in each land. This would be to foster the growth of a laissez-faire economy with no monopolies.