Trump Disrespects Autonomy of Israel, Dictates how it Defends itself.

Israel Defense Women
Three perfect women in the only military that treats women like people.

Donald Trump slaughtered my tolerance of the American Electorate. By nannying Israel as NOT needed, telling it how it can defend itself!

How did he do so? Well, he recently nannied Israel, the only free society in the Middle East, about how it can defend itself. Specifically, he warns Israel against building new villages in its capital Jerusalem. And thus Trump has proven that he is underserving of the role of 45th president. Firstly was him having a chance to assimilate refugees into US culture and US military and blowing it. Secondly was him allying with Islamic Statism against Islamic Statism. Thirdly was Trump throwing egregious slander at Australia over the phone. And now, lastly, we see him nannying out best friend and the freest society in the Middle East how it is allowed to defend its population.

Why I side with Israel on the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

It is very clear that this nation has the best status quo of any Middle East nation on Individual Liberty. Cato Institute even finds they are number one in the region on human freedom. Also, this is a nation that is around fifth or sixth in the Middle East for economic freedom. In fact, when it comes to doing freedom and liberty in a Mid-Eastern society, Israel’s at or near the top of doing these like a libertarian. Look:

  1. Government Accountability: Near the regional top
  2. Freedom from Slavery: At the regional top
  3. Enabling Free Trade: At the regional top
  4. Based on this PDF file:
    1. At the regional Top for freedom of religion
    2. Near the regional Top for bioethical freedom (only Tunisia does it better)
    3. At the regional Top for sexual freedom
    4. At the regional Top for family & gender liberty
  5. Something from Cato Institute about Human freedom
  6. Something from Cato Institute about Economic freedom.

Israel shares U.S. libertarianism’s domestic policy virtues, other Greater Middle East countries do not. Thus in total, there are nine reasons I support Israel and oppose any foes it has in its region. The Arab League is nothing morally better than an Arab nationalist copy paste of the Nazi Empire. Also, all the Palestinians are is a proxy army for this League, and those of them who are not are instead proxy army of Iran.

How Trump is siding against Israel by nannying them.

Frankly, only free societies like America and Israel deserve unconditional societal Right of Self-Defense, including Defense of Others. Plus there is OECD friendship to note between us and them, and we do trade with them. Donald Trump is forsaking all of this by disrespecting the national independence of the only nation of the GME who behaviorally deserves national autonomy. By nannying Israel about how it can and cannot defend its people, Trump is empowering the Arab League and it does not matter whether he means to or not.

How this warrants blanket hatred of U.S. Voters

Cozying up to enemies, smearing some friends over the phone while nannying others, and having our enemies assimilate and militarize the refugees instead of us doing it. All of the above is what the morons of the Republican Party nominated. All of the above is what the morons of this Populism-vs-Elitism fetish voted for. Lastly, all of the above is what the morons of vote by one’s feelings alone brand of thinking voted for. No more respect for voters in the United States from me. Could have taken this grandmaster of learning called the Internet and Googled ‘Third Party’ during Primary Season of 2016.