Graft is Fraud, but Anti-Graft law got turned down?

Protest in Romania over Graft
Romanians protesting a law against fraud?

Romanians Chastise Their Government Over Anti-Graft Measures. What Were the measures?

Graft. Honestly, I was not aware of this word until I read this story about Romania. Specifically, in Romania, the society is protesting its government over how it wishes to fight graft. Generally speaking, it’s a purely monetary form of fraud. Apparently, this type of fraud is one that appears to be, at least in economics, about breaking the rules of supply and demand. So by English definition, libertarians like me should be against this behavior. But in all fairness to the protestors, we as a movement we need to oppose tyrannical rule as well. Basically, there are some questions we need to ask ourselves as a movement.

1. How did Romanian Government propose fighting this type of fraud?

Evidently, the national government over there was going to ease penalties for power abuses by politicians. Frankly, someone like me should easily be worried for the Romanian People. However, so should a party like the one I’m a member of. Sadly, though, many in my party openly sympathize with corrupt regimes just because they’re not on US soil. On the other hand, I am going to extend both sympathy and advise to the Society of Romania, not its government.

2. How can Romanian Society fight against graft independently of government?

Honestly, I’m no lawyer nor am I aspiring to become one, but what I do know is there are only three kinds of behaviors one can call ‘evil’. Fraudulent acts, property crimes, and non-defensive force. And it appears as though this controversy in Romania is exploding over a fraudulent act I’ve never heard of until tonight. However, it’s time for me to propose something to the Romanian individuals and society for how to address their government. Basically my advise to them is to assemble directly in Romania’s presidential house’s front yard. Specifically, protest at them with signs ordering your regime to remove any economic rule that’s not a rule of supply and demand. However, I think it’s equally important for you the People of Romania to have signs demanding government to play by the same rules for revenue (supply & demand + golden rule) as society.

3. Will the United States need to address this in any way?

Only by economic means if so, Romania is still found by Cato to be the 30th freest society on Earth, says this PDF file. In other words, I’m not sure if Romanians will truly need American rescue. But if they will, then this is how we rescue them. We unilaterally cut their tariffs, taxes and regulatory burden to total and utter zero. This way any tyranny in Romania would be crushed without killing any US soldiers or any Romanian civilians.