To Celeb Stylists: Only Lady Gaga Should Decide What Clothing She Wears

Lagy Gaga, only person in charge of Lady Gaga's clothing.
Lady Gaga giving a speech, probably about football…

Clothing stylists can have their opinions about what a celeb looks best in, as long as they’re not imposed.

Before we begin, let me spit out a disclaimer. I am not a football person, but rather a big time Lord of the Rings nerd, Elder Scrolls nerd, Games Workshop hobbyist and most notably here a Liberty nerd. But I will happily go to Super Bowl parties just to make new friends and eat overly meaty foods. Also I am only a listener to two musical styles, Groove Metal and Movie/Game Score. Okay, now to the actual topic.

So various assorted celebrity clothing stylists have decided singer Lady Gaga would look good in certain costumes. However, I have no problem with this as they are free to state their views on what certain celebs look best in as long as they let the celebs make their own clothing choices. Basically you just walked in on a case for freedom of choice in clothes and fashions.

The Law Based Case!

Broadly there are a couple of cases I must make upon this day. I must use parts of the US constitution to make the Law case for freedom of clothing. Some organized religions either require or advise certain articles of clothing relevant to themselves as doctrines. To regulate religiously relevant clothes goes against the First Amendment as Unconstitutional. What of the kinds of clothes that are often regulated, from shirts advertising musicians to shirts showing certain arenas of skin? Basically, those too are guarded by the freedom of expression aspect of the 1st Amendment!

In addition, there is the Ninth Amendment. Basically, constitution author James Madison based the Ninth Amendment on a natural rights concept. Specifically to this topic, there is the unmentioned right to freedom of choice. So whether you speak of food, clothing, other necessity or some luxury, this amendment’s in favor of freedom of choice.

Lastly, the law case for freedom of choice invokes the 14th Amendment. Specifically the ‘Equal Treatment under the Law’ bit. One must use this to defend the enforced equal treatment for all people no matter their fashion sense.

The Economics Based Case!

Plus there is an Economics case to make for freedom of choice in clothing! Allowing consumers to choose their own clothing is good for the economy. And this is precisely because if the individual can make her own fashion choices without regulation then she only has to abide by the golden rule. Well, not only that but also the rules of supply and demand too. Generally the rules of supply and demand are simple.

If there is more demand than a business is able to supply, then prices will be higher than average. This will inherently lead to both huge profits and expensive wages. However, if there is less demand than a business is able to supply, prices are lower than average, profits are tiny and wages are affordable. So in this topic, doctrines like corporatism and socialism that are built on rejecting the rules of supply and demand inherently lead to the failure of the individual to clothe oneself at all. These are facts of life.

Therefore it is proper that we allow revealing clothing, normal clothing etc. to only be limited by the rules of supply and demand!

As for the Super bowl Halftime Talks…

Honestly, I do not know what will happen with the game. All I know is that there are some stylists who were claiming they want to see a singer I don’t even listen to the music of dress certain ways. Lastly, this was just to educate those stylists about the need for freedom of choice in fashion.