Kosovo and Serbia cannot afford war with each other

Kosovo Excavation
Excavators in Kosovo tearing down the Serbian wall

Kosovo and Serbia cannot afford war with each other, here’s why.

So, there’s rumors floating around over how Serbia might handle Kosovo unmaking a Serbian border wall. Specifically, the rumor that’s making me analyze this news is a rumor of the 2 taking up arms on each other. Basically, I’m making a case for these two nations setting this wall thing aside. Both of these nations have bigger problems to worry about. Also, many of these bigger problems require teamwork between these nations. For these two to slay over a border wall would make their shared problems worse. However, allow me to state where I am with border policy. For all nations, I think the proper migrant policy is total freedom of movement with Ellis Island model border controls. Okay, onto my case.

1. Serbia is, mostly, a free society

According to Cato Institute, Serbia is a freer society than even our OECD friend known as Turkey. Broadly speaking, Serbia also has mixed feelings about America. Frankly, most Serbians hate American government but love American society and American people. Often, its been said that their hostility to US federal government is due to NATO breakup of Yugoslavia.

2. Kosovo is hotly against Islamic Statism

Frankly, 80% of Kosovo strongly rejects the ideology of Islamic Statism. Plus, Kosovo is right there with Albania and Bosnia in standing against it. Basically most of the people their would rather their country be a free society with limited government. However, Cato makes the mistake of not reporting the status of Liberty in Kosovo, and instead I must turn to other sources.

Generally, this is a nation that has midsize civil liberty added with the 13 highest ease of doing commerce. Also, their economy is slightly more free market than planned market.

3. Both nations share a mutual enemy known as Islamic Statism.

Apparently Serbia built the border wall to keep out Islamic Statists. However, the fatal flaw in that intent is most of Kosovo is against Islamic Statism. Plus, both nations are hostile to this enemy ideology, and for these two to fight each other would only give their mutual foe an upper hand against both societies.