US Military Faces Need to Raise its Budget and its Wages

Military Pilots
Couple of US Military Pilots

American Military may need to raise budget and wages due to demand surpassing supply.

WOW! The US Military has recently gotten perhaps the most organic lesson in economics I have seen them learn! Specifically, they are experiencing more demand for their service than they can supply. Basically this means the US military will have to raise its own budget, setting aside what Congress or Donald Trump or anyone else says. How is this an accurate assumption about US defense funding? Frankly there are many factors we have to account for in this analysis. Firstly there is the fact that a free and therefore stable economy is one that works within the rules of supply and demand. Basically when there is more demand than supply, then budgets, profits and wages all go above averages. However, if there is less demand than supply, the opposite happens, going below averages. Lastly if demand equals supply, then all of these match what’s monetarily normal.

Congress must let the US Armed Force fund itself!

Although Congress has the authority to change the defense budget every two years, they do not have the authority to do anything about the rules of supply and demand. Frankly, the US military has proven it can efficiently fund itself without taxes. The best example for this claim of mine is the Toys for Tots charity the US Marines do at least every winter. However this is not the only way the US Armed Force can fund itself. Also consider that lotteries tend to be the most popular means for non tax revenue among government programs. And please do not blindly believe me on this, think of Connecticut state lottery instead. Plus, out of individualism, I suspect there are plenty of US generals willing to open State Owned Enterprises such as military history museums.

Should Royalty deals be made for the US military?

Of course! For example, I will be more than happy to cut a royalty deal with the US military regarding my graphic novels. Once I get the mythology for them patented, I’ll lend them a decent share of every profit I make. Plus, this is how I plan to famish the Internal Revenue Service on a one man basis. Matter a fact, I have other plans for my other for-profit hobbies as well, for ending the IRS.

Therefore, if I have any Americans reading this who got Asperger’s like I got, then I advise onto you. Make royalty deals with out national defense and/or with state and local government services. Because this is how those of us who are giant nerds like me Make Taxation Theft Again.

What can the US military do to grow how peopled it is?

Frankly, US strategists and tacticians can expand the pool of qualified volunteers. Basically these strategists and tacticians do this by opening classrooms that are about the science, history, and/or philosophy of military affairs. However, such classrooms cannot be funded through taxation or other coercive means. Instead, these guys and gals should charge user fees and rental fees for the students. Basically the students who give their best effort will pass such classes. Therefore, the passing students will be the ones who qualify to voluntarily sign up for military service.