Iran Is Still an Islamic Statist Regime, Despite arresting Islamic Statists

The chiefs of Iran
Iran’s government officials making military plans

Iran recently arrested some Islamic Statists for trying to shred an Iranian civil ceremony.

A short time ago, the Islamic State known as Iran has arrested some Islamic Statists sponsored by one of its neighbors. However, it is not clear which of its neighbors sent them. Basically, if you don’t know, they are a big time sponsor of Jihadi terror. Frankly, they’re the 3rd largest sponsor of terrorism to only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Specifically, they’re a theocratic oligarchy posing as a republic and who forces politicized Shia Islam onto its people. However, they are the only Islamic State that thrives on Shia nationalism. Generally, all other Islamic States, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, thrive on Sunni nationalism.

What do I mean by Sunni and Shia nationalism?

Basically, there are two main sectors of the Islamic faith, Sunni and Shia. The divide between the two is over whether Islam prophet and Koran author Muhammad chose an intellectual heir. Frankly, what I have gathered, Sunnis are the ones saying yes while Shias are the ones saying no. But what of the contrast between the religious nationalisms?

According to the behavior of Iran vs the behavior of other Islamic States, there’s very little contrast. Sunni nationalists are the Islamic Statists who want to turn the entire planet into an authoritarian monarchy. Meanwhile, their Shia counterparts are those who want to make our planet an authoritarian oligarchy. Other than this, both sides of the Islamic Statist movement want to make our planet our a unitary Islamic Theocracy.

How do Iran and its fellow Islamic States spread Islamic Statism?

Looking at the World Fact Book, Islamic Statists finance themselves and each other by being a petroleum culture. Broadly, more of an all of the above brand of Fossil Fuel culture. Granted, they have other industries they as theocracies sustain themselves with, but fossil fuel does almost all of the sustaining.

Should the American military do anything?

Depends! What is the job of the US Military? Basically, the job of the US military is to defend human beings in general from Initiations of Force. Specifically, initiations of force that are done for political and religious goals with nothing to do with defense. And in regard to how to address Iran, it is obviously no different. Incessantly, Iran has asserted openly that they are obsessed on doing the initiation of force for the religious (non-defensive) goal of making the globe a theocratic big-government oligarchy.

So far as I can tell, to defeat any Islamic Statist regime, whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran; I say we need to recycle an American Civil War policy. Specifically, we need the US military to take General Sherman’s policy toward Slavery South plantation economics and apply it to Islamic Theocracy fossil fuel economics.