Is that ‘Big Challenge’ in Syria Assad or is it Islamic Totalitarians?

Medieval city in Aleppo, Syria
The city of Aleppo in what looks like Medieval Syria

In Syria, Iconic parts of Aleppo are being destroyed by both sides.

But wait! Both sides of what? A civil war? Frankly, yes it is both sides of a civil war. Specifically, the country of Syria is being fought over by two ‘big challenge‘ forces. Basically, these two teams are the forces of Bashar Assad and the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism. However, there are many questions to ask, and indeed answer. All of these must come before asking questions of what to do and why. Also, we need to not only think before we act. But also research and maybe even strategize before acting.

What kind of ruler is Bashar al-Assad?

From all that can be gathered, Assad rules his country in a way with no room at all for political rights or for civil liberties. Cato Institute also catches Assad being the 4th most tyrannical ruler in a human freedom overall. Also, they find that Assad causes routine famine and poverty in his land by stifling economic freedom in Syria to the level of 13 lowest on Earth. Basically, he is quick and routine to benefit from regional instability just as Saddam Hussein was.

Plus, evidence suggests that Bashar Assad is a state sponsor of terrorism. Specifically, Syria is a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian acts of terror. Mainly, it is worth noting that Syria is the 2nd lead sponsor of an Islamic Totalitarian militia called Hezbollah. Only Iran sponsors them more prolifically.

What is the Islamic Totalitarian movement?

Basically, the ideology of Islamic Totalitarianism is the ideology that motivated the atrocity of 9/11. Therefore, it’s the one that provoked the ‘War’ on Terror. Generally, what it calls for is enslavement of the entire human species to despotic rule. And it’s despotic rule based on a purist intake of the Islamic faith.

Its top four sponsors, in order from most to least voracious; are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

What is the job of the US Military?

In short, the job of the US military is not to impose democracy or even laissez-faire onto other nations. This magazine explains it perfectly, in its analysis of Rand Paul foreign policy.

Government’s job is to protect people from force globally; and from force, fraud and theft locally.

How does this apply to addressing Syria?

Often, I take to this online self analysis quiz called iSideWith. And one of the answers I give that lands me at 89% libertarian (and 79% Libertarian Party) every time is over whether to topple Assad. Basically, I think on how much less prolific Syrian sponsorship of Islamic Totalitarianism is than Iran, Pakistan, and mainly Saudi Arabia. Frankly this leads me to think the US military needs to make Saudi Arabia target number 1 for wiping of Islamic Totalitarianism from the world. To me; Pakistan, Iran and Syria need be secondary, tertiary and quaternary target; respectively.