We Need to Repeal the United Nations and not let anyone replace it

Vetoed United Nations appointee
To the left is Nikki Haley, to the right is Salam Fayyad

Nikki Haley plays a heroine by vetoing a United Nations act of villainy!

Beautiful news, humanity! The United States has recently vetoed a United Nations decision to appoint a former Arab League sponsor of terrorism to vocalize Libya! Frankly, this is a total victory for the forces of Individual Liberty! Specifically, this is because the United Nations was founded on bitter resentment of freedom. Basically, the evidence for this is the fact that the Soviet Union was one of the key founders. In other words, the UN was specifically crafted to try to wreck US legitimacy abroad and to give blatantly tyrannical regimes  imaginary ‘authority’ on global issues.

Okay, time for me to start with names and analysis. Basically, Nikki Haley is a libertarian-leaning conservative who happens to be governor of South Carolina. Also, she’s the specific person who claimed this great victory for Individual Liberty by vetoing the UN’s decision. She’s a heroine for vetoing the UN decision to appoint someone who ruled an Arab League proxy army from 2007 to 2013, someone called Salam Fayyad.

There’s no such thing as “Palestinian Refugees” or “Palestinian Civilians”

How can someone claim to cherish individual liberty and economic freedom, yet extend endless sympathy to a blatantly authoritarian proxy army? That’s all the Palestinians are! They are nothing but a proxy army. Well, self correction here, two proxy armies. One of them, Hamas, is a proxy army of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, their main rival Hezbollah is Iran’s.

Basically you won’t find any Palestinians who are not Islamic Totalitarians. In other words, all Palestinians believe in and act on systemic hostility to individual liberty.

What should the United States do next?

The United States should unilaterally abolish the United Nations. Basically, to do this, the United States must demolish the UN headquarters. Next, the US needs to use economic and diplomatic means to make it impossible for the UN to set up new headquarters elsewhere on Earth. That way individual liberty will be back to having the global upper hand again.