Zoltan Istvan and the Factions of the Libertarian Party

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in California

Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in the Libertarian Party

Two people I know of are running for state governor roles under the Libertarian Party ticket. In California, Zoltan Istvan is that candidate, while in my state Mark Stewart is that guy. Basically, I have already endorsed Mark directly via the comment box on his campaign site’s contact page. As for the other guy in California, I am going to wait until he states his policies before endorsing him. However, know that the big highlight with him is his emphasis on futurism and relying almost fully on science and on secular morality to advance Individual Liberty. Also, allow me to take time to elaborate since it appears, at least this year, about the Factions of the Libertarian Party. But, it is worth noting the following.

  1. No-one considers any form of socialism a form of libertarianism
  2. Which is why I am replacing the 6th one down with ‘Libertarian Trans-humanism’
  3. Zoltan himself is of the Libertarian Trans-humanist faction, there’s that too.

Factions of the Libertarian Party

Basically all of these factions agree to support free markets, civil liberties, and an authority so tiny that all it ever does is defend humans from fraud, force & theft. However, A} we also all agree the only other stuff authority should do is defend pets and other property from these three behaviors, too. And B} there are some major differences between the 10 different factions.


Okay, here is the faction that everyone seems to think is the only faction of the LP. Actually, this is one of the smaller factions of the Libertarian Party, okay? What these guys believe is that authority should not be exerted by any kind of government. Instead Anarcho-Capitalists want authority to be exerted entirely by the free market, including desire for civil justice and national security to go by the rules of supply and demand.

Cultural Libertarians

Center-left, permissive society types who happen to also endorse laissez-faire economics. But again, civil liberty and mutual respect between all lifestyles are the number one concern for these types. However, there is a concentration on Facts over feelings within this faction that gives me plenty of respect for them. Henceforth, the YouTubers I look up to that I’d most eagerly invite to join this faction are as follows. June Lapine (Shoe0nHead), Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad, even though he’d have to gain US citizenship first), and Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report). Mark Stewart and his fellow ‘Freedom Democrats’ are of this faction.

Classical Liberals

Here’s the faction every single founding father of America would have joined if they were here today! Basically these are the guys who are into asserting that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and civil liberties. They also say that authority needs to be an indirect democracy. One who only ever acts to defend economic freedom and civil liberties.

Fiscal Libertarians

People who’s number one priority is the economy. Specifically, building a free market economy with no monopolies, no corporatism, and no protectionism. Also, this is the faction with the most concentration on replacing regulation with the golden rule all by itself. Plus these are people who are much more concerned about Making Taxation Theft Again then about anything related to Planned Parenthood, for example. Mike Lee and his fellow ‘Liberty Republicans’ are very likely to flee to this specific faction of the LP. All because of Donald Trump’s executive overreach.


However, Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, is the Founding Father who’d be into this faction. These guys are fiscal libertarians who want to replace taxation with emphasis on land rental. That’s because this is the faction who believes land ownership is exempt from property rights.

Libertarian Trans-Humanists

Zoltan Istvan’s faction is this one! Looking at the beliefs Zoltan Istvan clarifies having on The Rubin Report, is how you figure out what this faction’s agenda is. Furthermore, this is the most likely faction to emphasize science, reason, and non-Jesus-Centric thinking. Basically this is the Digital Age and Digital Economy faction of the Libertarian Party.


Oooh, you see this lads! This is the faction of Austin Petersen, the guy who should be our president right now, says reality. Okay, but what is a minarchist? In short, a minarchist is someone who’s top concern is keeping authority a vastly tiny government that abides by a constitution. Which is why one can call these guys, especially Austin who self-professes as one, the Libertarian Constitutionalists.


Okay, guys this is my faction! This is also the main faction of Pro-Defense News which you are reading right now! We the neolibertarians are a post-9/11 factional offspring of Libertarian Trans-humanism who’s number one concerns are foreign policy and national defense. Specifically, we are the faction that assimilates the Bush Doctrine to serve the principle of only warring within the Right of Self-Defense. Meaning we take Unilateralism to be about unilaterally lowering foreign economies’ tax and regulatory burdens to puritanical zero. Plus we adapt the ‘End States Who Sponsor Terrorism’ thing into one that focuses on Islamic Totalitarian acts of terrorism. So far as the Preemptive strikes thing goes, many of us (myself included) expand that to include ‘Preventative’. Meaning to stamp out latent threats before they’re imminent.

And then there’s Regime Change. We as a faction of the LP do not in any sense support unprovoked acts of Democracy Promotion or Nation Building. We as a faction of the LP we’d rather bring a large majority of US troops home from their victory while leaving a few thousand behind to oversee the rise of Free Markets and Free Trade in what used to be enemy land.

Mainly, neolibertarians like me are the Nothing Less Than Victory types when it comes to how we want the US military to go about ending an actual threat.


I gotta admit I have a legion of respects for this faction of the LP. Matter a fact, these are the guys who got me changing the perspective I oppose Anti-War activism from. And changing for the betterment of the LP, at that! However, because I respect Objectivists so much, I must be honest that they are far more of their own movement. Basically there are few Objectivists I am aware of by name within the LP. Who they are is the people who take the platform of Ayn Rand Institute and import it into its own faction of the LP.


The resident anti-immigration types in the LP. Well, not anti-immigration but rather anti-open-borders. Don’t get me wrong, as a neolibertarian my faction and I favor the Ellis Island border policy that minarchist Austin pushed in 2016! However the paleolibertarians, like Rebel Media leader Lauren Southern would be classed as if she were in the US Libertarian Party, oppose open borders and open immigration. In other words, the paleolibertarian faction confuses this distinction between open immigration vs open borders exactly like the Libertarian National Chairmen do, but with opposite intentions.

Something else I want to mention is these guys are the leading voice for Just War Theory, mostly. Basically, these are the faction who I see as more often naive than not on a foreign policy level.

What any of this means for Zoltan and Mark

Frankly these two have their own factions of the LP. I have some opinions in common with both, and I have things I disagree with one or the other on. Basically what matters in 2018 is making sure Libertarian Partiers of all factions become state governors that year. That’s really it.