Japan Losing Itself Fiscally to Sleep Problems!

President of Japan
The highly respectable president of Japan

Japan May Need to Simplify its Economic Structure? Because it is facing Sleep Problems.

Japan. In the Digital Age, to be totally exact. Basically their economy I hear is lately facing sleep deficits. Generally speaking this sleep deficit is costing them gravely at $138 billion annually. And this is quite the trouble for quite the legion of valid reasons. Mainly, according to this newspaper, valid reasons for US Libertarians to worry for the Japanese. However, one must not lose optimism because there are solutions to be at least offered to them.

Firstly, what is the Japanese economy like?

Generally, their economy is a market lead economy that Cato finds to be a Mostly Free Market. Also, the culturally centrist fiscal conservatives of Heritage find these to be the fine details over there. Over there, 127 million people work in a somewhat futuristic economy that has indeed enough Rule of Law to go round. Basically, the problems facing their economy are some trade blocks, and as I recently learned sleep loss. Okay, but how must one solve this kind of problem?

Broadly, Japan needs to go pure Laissez-faire

Wait up! What do I mean by ‘pure laissez-faire’? Basically what I am calling on Japan to do for themselves independently is a few things. Certainly they need to replace their regulations with the golden rule on its own. As in a single paper that says ‘You cannot do anything to people you don’t want done to you’. However, every economy needs to do this, including America’s but ours is not the economy we’re talking about.

Secondly, I also refer to a policy of revenue reform. And by this if you know anything about me or about neolibertarians in general, we are Non-Tax Revenue people. Meaning, in this topic, we advise Japan to rely on sources like Lotteries, Royalty deals, Rental deals, User Fees, and other sources that Make Taxation Theft Again.

Lastly, and here is the relevant one to this discussion. I’d say the Japanese people need to be allowed to rework their contracts with their employers. Basically a bilateral kind of thing where worker and employer agree to a standard of reasonable sized shift. This way, contractors and workers can learn together how to work up some medically decent & healthy sleep agendas!