SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Accountability

This is what SodaStream produce looks like.

SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Responsibility For Product Flaws via Recall!

As an owner and user  of these products myself, this is huge news for me. Basically it’s the news about recall over potential future explosions. In other words, this was a preventive recall over a latent threat of carbon explosions. As such, I am mainly doing commentary now on this news to teach something. Mainly, this post is a lesson on how individual freedom comes with individual responsibility. However, this is not just the truth culturally or in regular society. Equally, it is the truth of the matter fiscally and within economy as well.

Firstly, which SodaStream products do I use?

Basically, I use the purely crystal clear bottles with no tint. As for what I use for the carbonation, I always use the maker of the 130 Liter maximum. Why is any of this relevant to this post? Because the specific filler bottles being recalled all have blue tints. However, despite this recall, there is a need to talk about how this is evidence of how easy it is for retailers to self-regulate.

They Key to Self-Regulation is Acceptance…

…of Individual Accountability. Sometimes this concept is called Individual responsibility, personal responsibility, and moral responsibility. Basically, it is two ideas under one name. Firstly it is the idea that someone who does good always deserves credit & reward for that good. Secondly is the idea that someone who does evil inherently deserves blame & punishment for that evil.

Basically, this is the prerequisite to individual freedom, both economically and culturally. Perhaps the best example I can give without getting off topic is what economic freedom SodaStream has. And how they are accepting individual accountability by doing this recall. Everyone has (or needs) the freedom to sell items for home made sodas. But also to sell servings of home made sodas for $x per serving. However, this is where individual accountability comes in. People also have moral duty to do what they gotta do to comply with the golden rule. Economically there is both this and the laws of supply and demand to take it on oneself to comply with.

Using SodaStream as an example

Moral accountability for SodaStream means recalling products over them posing latent threats of chemical explosion. Basically SodaStream has demonstrated that whether free markets work depends entirely on one factor. That factor is the level of moral accountability accepted culturally.


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  1. “Basically SodaStream has demonstrated that whether free markets work depends entirely on one factor. That factor is the level of moral accountability accepted culturally.”
    I am also a libertarian. To precariously pin the success or failure of the free market on moral accountability is unnecessary. Although it would feel good for everyone to adopt the non-aggression principle, especially corporations, it is not necessary for the free market to survive. A company, in a truly free market, will thrive or survive depending upon customer choices. Especially in this age of free flow of information, it would only take a couple of injuries for the consumer to decide not to buy a product. Also, litigation will tend to curb the behavior of a corporation.

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