The War On Cannabis? Let’s End It Immediately.

Time to End War on Cannabis?
Political Cartoon about the war on cannabis

Escalation of War on Cannabis will only make matters worse.

Forgive me for not wanting to go into electoral details. However there is news of an escalation in the works for the war on drugs. Basically there are a great countless arguments to make against having the War on Drugs at all. But before we begin, I want to say somethings including only one electoral detail. Had we elected Austin Petersen instead of Donald Trump this escalation would not be any kind of problem. Frankly that is because Austin would have ended the war on drugs. Similar deal with Rand Paul, by the way. Basically if Rand Paul were the Republican nominee turned 45th POTUS, then he too would have ended it. Please allow me to break down the factors of this issue.

The Way the War on Cannabis began makes this ‘war’ illegal

Firstly, let me contrast this with the 1920’s Prohibition ordeal. Meaning the war on alcohol if you want to call it that. Congress and the then President realized neither had any authority to wage war against alcohol. Basically the Constitution was Amended to start a war against Alcohol. However the rise of Al Capone and his Bootlegging cartel proved the war on alcohol to be an epic fail. Therefore, the constitution was amended again to quit the war on alcohol. But look! Five decades later, Richard Nixon started the war on cannabis to crack down on Latinos and black Americans! Not only is this an immoral goal, but also the constitution was never amended for this!

Frankly the short of it is that the war on drugs is actually illegal!

Drug Scheduling makes no sense either

You know how the Drug Enforcement Agency has their Scheduling system? Big news is that this Scheduling system of theirs has absolutely no science at all to it. Basically the scheduling system does not make any sense with the medical sciences done by legit researchers! Whether it is their labeling of cannabis as severely dangerous despite it needing to be in 20,000 doses to be poison. Or it is their labeling of alcohol as utopian form of safe despite science finding that it takes only 10 doses to be poison.

Fact is we need to end the war on cannabis right now and we need to end the war on drugs in general, right now.