Jeff Sessions is a Tyranny Sympathizer, Not an Attorney General

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions pledging to rescue himself from investigation

Tyranny respecter Jeff Sessions has been made our Attorney General!

Someone named Jeff Sessions has been under fire for ties to Russia. Basically, he is someone who has been friendly to tyrants of Russia. However, he is not being dealt any kind of justice for this. Instead he is being allowed to make rulings about the US Constitution. Plus, he is being allowed to rule about the US Bill of Rights. So what exactly does this say about my voting peers? What does this say about Mr. Sessions? Lastly what does this say about America’s humanity as a free society? Frankly we are going to explore all of these in this analysis.

Quick Disclaimers before I answer the questions!

I’m a dorky atheist who espouses views that can be most accurately labeled ‘Libertarian‘. Basically this means I am an Independent voter who’s sole political concern is Liberty. Specifically by ‘liberty’ I mean the following.

  1. The freedom to do as one pleases without breaking the rule of law
  2. Freedom from tyrannical rule
  3. Intake of a legion of moral freedoms & economic freedoms
  4. The freedom of choice in off duty lifestyle

I am a small-L libertarian in terms of how I am registered to vote. However, this does not stop me from paying monthly dues to be a capital-L on the Connecticut state level. The only reasons I am a libertarian Independent (small ell & big aye) are all foreign policy reasons. I reject the myth that being a libertarian demands one to be militarily a pacifist. But most of us are for reasons that confuse me deeply. I think that if some tyranny is up to genocide or slavery then it deserves to die. Of what I guess I’d call ‘free market rollback‘, the act of forcibly replacing a tyrannical regime with a free market economy. But mostly I’m about one sided cuts of foreign economies’ regs to zero (Unilateral Free Trade).

What does Jeff Sessions’s behavior say about my voting peers?

Yes, I am done disclaiming. Now we can move on to getting questions answered. Well, frankly, Jeff Sessions’s behavior says about my fellow voters that they would rather vote on feelings than on facts. How do I know this? Because most Americans, from what I observed, were far too obsessed on directly imitating Hunger Games to care about Rule of Law. Or at least this is how most of my fellow voters come of to me. I was very briefly registered to vote as Republican in attempt to get the GOP populists and elitists to scrap their trivial problems with each other.

Basically I wanted to unite Republicans of both mindsets, and Democrats of both mindsets, against the Islamic Statist threat to Humanity. Sadly, my fellow US voters would rather fight among themselves like Mordor Uruk-hai from Return of the King than ask “What will happen if we do this?“. And now we have this Anti-Constitution, Tyranny respecter in charge of interpreting the Bill of Rights. And the US electorate’s populism vs elitism obsession is to blame.

What does this say about Jeff Sessions?

Frankly this says he is severely opposed to the James Madison writing of the Bill of Rights. However this also says he is eager to forfeit American independence, making him a tad Anti-Jefferson as well.

What does this say about US Humanity?

Nothing positive, I will say that much. Unless one speaks of how Americans behave outside of voting time. Because then nearly all Americans are good people. However, there are those who choose not to be even with no election going on in the moment.

Who would I have liked for Attorney General?

Basically, someone like Thomas Massie. A wise human being who adores all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights equally, just like I do. Fiscally he’s a fellow backer of mammoth levels of economic liberty. Best of all to me, on foreign policy, he is a fellow Anti-pacifist. Making himself someone well worth the praise and support of Pro-Defense News anchors like me. Nothing else for me to say on this Jeff Sessions issue.