Marco Rubio and the Chance that the Libertarian Party Has to Fix America!

Is Rubio at a meeting in this pic? What's the chance of that?
Marco Rubio at a meeting? By what chance?

Marco Rubio argues Sessions’s word choices were accidents?

Apparently, youthful Florida Senator and foreign policy context idealist Marco Rubio has tried to defend Sessions’s meeting with Russia. Basically I do not want this to be a focus on the Republican Party having blown a chance. Frankly that’s because I want to be done moping about Trump for as long as this site lives. Also, I wish only to focus on policy debate topics. NOT on policy debate players. However, I am going to instead speak truth to power from within the Libertarian Party. Plus, as my category choice proves, this is about how the Libertarian Party can still end the Bipartisan duopoly on American voters. And now, I will speak here as a dues-payer to the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.

Let me just get my comment on this defense by Marco out there right now: I think it is unwise. And that’s really the matter of this post. Wisdom to give to my party the LP.

How the Libertarian Party must seize its chance

Basically, polling shows that most American values have little to do with the two default parties. Accordingly, a noteworthy majority of American values are in lock step with Libertarian Party values. Far more so than with either of the main two. However, in order to swing this to our benefit, many of us if not most have to reject the feel-good of Peace Activism on a foreign policy level. Instead we the Libertarian Party need to accept and promote the pivotal the American Military’s role of guarding free trade and open immigration globally. Do not get me wrong, I’m still utterly convinced that free trade and open immigration are healthier than war. However I am advising here that the entire LP stop dismissing the US military’s role of preserving global trade and travel.

Free trade and open immigration did not become the world norm via human nature. Basically, these two were globally imposed as post-WW2 means of geopolitics. Afterward, the US military is who has been nurturing this means for 72 years. Ordering them to abandon this nurturing they do would only allow our religious fanatic current rivals to reshape the world according to their puritanical intake of the Koran & Hadith, ending free trade & open immigration forever.

Left to its own sense of Chance, the world gets  deadlier

If you look on this post by Cato Institute, you see that many libertarian Independents are acutely aware. That is, aware of Saudi Arabia’s incessant building of proxy armies of ISIS. But also, aware of Pakistan’s frantic and flagrant building of Taliban armies. Lastly, aware of the state sponsored terrorism of Saddam’s Iraq, the current Syria, and the current Iran. Of these five, the four that survived 2003 are still proving they have no interest in “Mutual Respect Between All Nations”. Instead these nations all care only about Koranic religious fanaticism.

US military supervision nurtures world peace.

Frankly, calls for the US military to retreat from everywhere else are also impulsive. Historically, that’s because US military mingling with Japanese and South Korean populations has lead to 64 years of these two populations paving a fast road to Digital Economy and World Economy becoming synonyms.

Do not get me wrong on this either, war should only be done within the Right of Self-Defense. However, properly exerting this Right requires US troops to be right on the soils of honest friends. And here’s more fairness to my fellow LP dues-payers. Nation Building, and Striking first without having proof of an imminent or even latent threat, both foster instability and are just all-around nationally suicidal. Therefore, these are the LP oppositions I defend and promote faster than Austin Petersen can say ‘make taxation theft again’.

Should we as the LP do anything else to grab chance?

Yes, we absolutely should! When it comes to our hybrid of fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism, we should advance those from within the Bill of Rights alone. Take the Freedom from Biblical cultural norms for example. This is something we should promote from within the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights. However, all economic liberties are things I want our party to invoke the Ninth and Tenth amendments in defense of. Non-codified freedoms is the Ninth Amendment, while the Tenth Amendment says this. Powers not given to Congress are given to the US citizens (referred to as ‘the People’).

But what about political Libertarianism? Promote that from within the Articles and Preamble of the Constitution. That is, invoke Articles 1 through 7, and the Preamble as well, to advance US Libertarian style of ruling American society.