Iraq Storms Out Against Salafis in Mosul!

Prep for Mosul
Iraqi troops readying to reclaim Mosul

Iraqi Military proves itself ally to the US recently.

Wow! The Iraqi Military has shown marked improvement in their effort to defend humanity against the Salafi movement! Basically, they have reclaimed Mosul recently. Frankly this is excellent progress for the fight against Salafism. However this is also a good time to speak truth to history of Iraq. But also a great time to speak truth to meaning about Salafism. Lastly I am going to offer solutions to the problem of Salafism that have their efficiency carved into history.

Iraq During Saddam Hussein vs After Saddam Hussein

There are some obviously marked contrasts between Iraq 1979-2003 and Iraq since 2003. Firstly, Saddam spent his entire rule being a genocidal tyrant against the Kurdish and Shia citizens of Iraq. And the Anfal Campaign was not the only example. However, genocide was not the only thing Saddam did in his reign. This guy also sponsored terrorism to the point where destabilizing the Middle East was something he thrived on doing. Plus his ideas of enforcing law were some of the most terroristic horrors as well. Lastly he was someone who did not care whether or not American diplomats overseas were victims of his barbaric rule.

However; fast forward to the nature of Iraqi military and such long after 2003, and it is like a completely new Iraq as we have seen just now. Basically Iraq nowadays is a government that does all it can to quell both imminent and latent threats to the American People. But, I’m slightly inclined to say this they do to hold on to healthier relations they have with us now than they did under Saddam.

WAIT! What is the Salafi movement?

Okay, so let me discuss this one. Salafism is basically the ultra-puritanical intake of the Islamic faith. Basically its members are Islamic religious fanatics who wish to enslave the whole human species to their own purist intake of the Koran and of the Hadiths. Some call this movement the Islamic Totalitarian movement, or Islamic Statist movement for short. Even though I know there is a distinct Shia equivalent to Salafism, called Khomeinism, they are both the same movement to me. So that’s why they are both the Salafi movement to me.

Solutions, with a side serving of solutions

Basically I can offer a handful of solutions that either have been proven effective in the distant past or been proposed by people like Rand Paul or Austin Petersen. However, don’t expect me to offer any pacifistic solutions.

Firstly, I have explored, at least in my head, the option of hiring the Kurds as Constitutional mercenaries. Using Letters of Marque and Reprisal, we can offer the Kurds an independent Kurdistan as reward for destroying ISIS itself. Meanwhile, I say We The People go after ISIS’s state sponsors. What state sponsors you ask? Well, Saudi Arabia is chiefest of sponsors of ISIS, the second in line is Pakistan. Libertarian think tank Cato knows this all too well.

However, there is also the option of pulling a Savannah Campaign to directly target Islamic Totalitarians’ Fossil Fuel culture. Basically do to 2010’s Islamic Statist fossil fuel culture what Sherman did to 1860’s White Supremacist cotton field culture.

Lastly, there is the idea of sending in weaponized drones, and weaponized robots too. This I base on a notion in military technology floated around by current Libertarian Party runner for California governor Zoltan Istvan.