Judge Andrew Napolitano FIRED for Enforcing the Bill of Rights!

This judge has been wrongly fired.
Calling out government on Bill of Rights breaking… and Fired

Sadly, the LP’s best known judicial worker has been fired his media job!

However, should anyone really be surprised that Fox News kicked out the only judge and journalist vocalizing the LP nationally? Evidently, he was kicked out for suspecting Obama of wiretapping! Specifically, Judge Napolitano suspects Barack Obama used a foreign intel agency to spy on Donald Trump. Personally, I see the Donald as ignorant. No ideology, no values, no principles. Although, what Obama is suspected of is actually breaking the 4th amendment to the Bill of Rights! But I am not going to sit here and act like the theory is total fact or total lie.

“You cannot know anything, only suspect”

Yes, I did just quote a video game character! Why is this quote from Assassin’s Creed 1 character Malik Al-Sayf in this article? Because I will call the Judge out on one thing. He’s accusing the 44th president of having spied on the now 45th as though the Judge knows. Basically, this is me exerting the principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Perhaps if the Judge wants to validate his claims, he should sign a warrant for Chicago police to search Obama’s records. This way, the Chicago police can prove the judge either right or wrong.

Here’s a Broad reflection on news sources

Basically, I am someone you can expect to see all of TV news as authoritarian. Including Fox News for reasons made obvious in this piece. Actually, almost all. Because there are two exceptions I am aware of, Fox Business and CNBC. All other NBC channels and all other Fox channels are despotic news ‘sources’. But then there is CNN and PBS who are frequently despotic in their biases.

So basically CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, Fox News, InfoWars, BreitBart, TheYoungTurks, these are all split between Fascism vs Marxism. But the bias to libertarians and actual liberals (aka classical liberals), because every news source has one kind of bias or another. Pro-Defense News, what you’re reading now, has neolibertarian bias to it but still tries to focus on being objective. Which for example is why I condemn Fox News for firing Judge Andy Nap while still advising him to presume Obama innocent until proven guilty, on behalf of the 5th amendment. Basically you will not find the kind of news that leans to liberty in those listed above.

Which news has a mix of objectivity and liberty bias?

In essence, you won’t find reports mixing objectivity with a bias to liberty unless you read Pro-Defense News right here. However, there’s other sources of this kind of reporting. You can also watch Fox Business and/or CNBC for this mix, or you have to go to The Libertarian Republic and/or Liberty Viral (who I linked to over the topic). Plus, there is also the Freedom Report on Podbean, or my every-Sunday podcast, In Defense Of Liberty on Minds.