Austin Petersen for Missouri Senator in 2018!

Austin for MO Senator!
I did this edit of one of his presidential 2016 ads in GIMP.

What Party Austin Petersen runs in is immaterial.

Frankly, just as The Libertarian Republic sums up lovably; Only Principles Matter! However, one must learn who Austin Petersen is. Basically, Mr. Petersen is a Missouri guy who ran for president in 2016. Notably, on the US Libertarian Party bid. He is also the founder and owner of PDN’s inspiration source, The Libertarian Republic. Internally, Austin is a major figure head of the Minarchist faction of the LP. On one hand, PDN is mainly a neolibertarian news channel, of all LP factions. On the other hand, here comes PDN to make the case for him being US Senator for Missouri.

Part One: Petersen’s Mental Positives

Basically myself and many if not most of my fellow LP neolibertarians will never understand something. And that something is why so many of Petersen’s fellow LP minarchists are so adamantly opposed to Austin Petersen himself. This guy, reader, is eager to defend a woman from whatever scum bag creepy stalker weirdo he hears of. He’s also got one of the most easy-going senses of humor I have ever witnessed examples of. Take his answer to Larry Elder’s question to him about immigration for example. Frankly, Petersen’s answer was to joke “We need to build a wall around Donald Trump and make Bernie Sanders pay for it!”. Quite the laughter this answer deserves!

Part Two: Core Values of the Austin

Basically Austin Petersen stands for laissez-faire capitalism, constitutional democracy, and marriage privatization. He is someone who’s learned from Rand Paul the need to defend the entire Bill of Rights, too! Plus, Austin’s got a kind of swagger in that he’s proud he’s built a work ethic. Plus, he’s built a strident abstinence from echo chambers, all of these are wonderful things, aren’t they?