Border Wall Builders to Replace Wall with Walrus

Walrus & Trump
We need to build a Wall Russ and it happening now! From here.

Building a Walrus may or may not cost an artist his wall painting.

Okay, so I hear that Border Patrol will replace the border wall. However, the patrol is not going to let the painters keep their art like the external link says. Instead our builders, I guess, want to replace all border walling & fencing with… a Walrus? Why? I mean, legit, there was someone who painted stuff on the wall, I guess. Does this mean that duly respectable painter may need to learn tattoos? And how to give tattoos to Walruses safely for both this kid and the living animal that Trump wants to ‘build’?

The Donald’s plan for building a Walrus

Apparently, Trump has no clear plan, when I teleported to the White House and asked him in person he was as vague as can be. All he said was “Building the Walrus will require more tons of Strenergy than the global economy can afford at the moment.” Basically, once I teleported back to my semi-forested home in Cheshire, CT; I looked up the word ‘strenergy‘ in the dictionary. However, it is clear the dictionary wants to lie and misgender reality by telling me it’s not a word!

Seeing as the global economy has a total GDP of $75 trillion, I have no clue what he means by what he said. However, I can make a scientific guess as to what he might mean. Perhaps he means spending $100 trillion on building one Walrus.

How would a Walrus benefit national security?

Well, at only 12 feet long, I don’t think a Walrus would be able to guard 2000 miles of border. However, what if Zoltan Istvan is willing to teach anyone, Trump or whoever, how to build jetpacks for Walruses? Maybe, then the Walrus would be able to fly everywhere and maybe even learn to recognize the smells of political movements. That way, perhaps the Walrus would be able to use its carnivore diet to eat any Salafi troops that try to infiltrate America!