Taxation, Healthcare, and the Donald

Paul Ryan & Donald Trump way doesn't count as reform!
I saw this lovely cartoon on Instagram a few times!

Donald Trump says he’s in no rush to reform healthcare or taxes? Why?

Frankly, President Donald Trump has decided that health and tax reform are less important than executive orders. Basically, he is flip flopping on whether it matters at all to fix the broken tax and health status quo America. However, before I go into the the need for major reforms, Let’s dig into the platform he ran on.

Clearly, Donald Trump ran on a tax code that brings the number of different rates down to four. Specifically, the rates were pledged to be 0% for those making between nothing and $25k annually. Next, for people making $25k and $50k annually he promised 12%. Then, for people making between $50k and $150k he promised 25%. Lastly, for anyone making more than $150k annually he wanted to tax income 33%. Also, he ran on the idea that Obama Care is a joke of a health care law. As for me, I took time on Wikipedia to read Obama Care and a lot of aspects of it do make it a joke. But how are Donald Trump and Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment any different?

Here’s why I am open to any tax reform proposal that cuts taxes.

In essence, I am open-minded and reasonable to any kind of tax reform at this point in American current events. Specifically, I am open to any tax reform that cuts taxes down to only applying to one kind of human activity. Frankly this is because we tax way too many different activities right now. We tax dying via estate tax, we tax working to earn via income tax, we tax buying items and services via sales tax, we tax interstate and global imports via import tax. And that’s only a minority of the different kinds of taxes in America! Please, allow me to give examples.

Rand Paul wanted to put up a flat tax of 15% for all incomes and have it not apply to payrolls. And he wanted to raise the Standard Deduction from $6,300 to $15,000. Gary Johnson wanted to replace all federal taxes and the IRS with a federal sales tax, and in an interview he suggested Googling ‘FairTax’ for some idea of what he means by this. Austin Petersen ran on the idea of a flat tax of 15% in place of our entire current tax code. However, Austin was never really clear whether this would be on income or on sales or on trade. But on the other hand he does oppose taxing income and taxing trade, out of these three.

Lastly, I think we ought to get rid of both the IRS and our entire current tax code federally and only tax foreign imports by half%.

Rationalizing my Tax Reform idea

Firstly, we as a nation import about $2.2 trillion annually as Earth’s leader in terms of one nation importing independently. Refusing to tax anything but imports, and even then only by about half%, would cut taxes enormously. At a resulting revenue of $1.1 trillion instead of $4 trillion, this’d cut taxes from 22% of our $18 trillion nominal GDP down to 6% of nominal GDP. Grant you, we should purely deregulate trade, while adopting a policy of broken windows enforcement of the golden rule.

However, deregulation is exactly the topic here. But also, by this logic we would need to cut spending down to a maximum of about $880 billion. And limit spending arenas to Military defense, Protection, General Government and social Welfare (not corporate welfare). Basically out of these four, I’d cut the welfare arena 43%, or whatever percentage is necessary to abolishing corporate welfare.

Moving on to the healthcare part…

As far as the healthcare reform as a topic goes, I’d like to cut healthcare spending the best way I know how. Plagiarizing Chile’s healthcare system, as to replace Obama Care. Looking at this table, if Donald Trump would ask Congress for legislation replacing Obama Care with copy/paste Chilean healthcare policy, he would not just be honoring the Constitution. Frankly honoring Constitutional guide to law reforms would only be the start of the Good done there. He’d also be working with Congress to make conditions for average American lifespan to grow from 78 to 82.

Unless you have Asperger’s Syndrome like I have, then reportedly that’d be a jump from 68 to 72. Also, healthcare spending would be cut from $9500 per capita to $1100 per capita, an 88% cut! Meaning we’d bring healthcare spending down from $1.2 trillion to $144 billion, basically. Oh, and there is something about jumping our healthcare quality dramatically, too. Right….