Kim Jong Un is The New Hideki Tojo, Islamic Statism is the new Nazism

Is this guy the new General Tojo?
Kim Jong Un facial photo
Here is General Tojo.

With World War Three being predicted so incessantly, is Kim Jong Un the new General Tojo?

What exactly are people guessing? Some people like in poison magazines I saw at my normal job recently are explaining Trump’s plans in ornate detail. Basically, this is nationally suicidal because of something that is just common sense. Frankly, you have to have a secret plan! No commander allows his or her plan to be well known before a battle or a war begins!

While other people are being smart with what speculation they throw around. For example, there is this journalist who did this article which I am replying to here! Basically his article is asking whether or not Kim Jong Un is the new Adolf Hitler, and I think there is great wit to it. However, I think a more historical comparison is to call Kim Jong Un the new General Hideki Tojo. And as for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, I think that today’s Islamic States, marked in the map in dark green, are the new Nazi Germany. Please let me explain why I think what I think.

How is Kim Jong Un more comparable to Hideki Tojo?

Firstly, let me make one thing perfectly clear. The comparisons I am about to make have nothing to with geography or race, all of them are all about level of threat to American civilians. And also about how eager or reluctant each enemy is to fake being a friend of American civilians.

Basically, Kim Jong Un is very gleeful to speak and act genocidally not just to Americans but also to South Koreans and 21st century Japanese, too. General Hideki Tojo during 1940’s Japan was reveling in genocidal behavior all over his region. And as for America, Tojo acted in 1941 on what he knew was a latent threat of America bashing him over his Nanking genocide. Nowadays, Kim Jong Un is incessantly and openly threatening genocide against America, South Korea and present day Japan.

How is Nazi Germany more comparable to present day Islamic States?

In essence, there are some aspects of Islamic Statism that are comparable to Nazi Germany. Take Iran, for example! The Iran deal was the symbol of Barack Obama being the Neville Chamberlin of American history. Here is Elan Journo speaking truth to human nature in this regard, and I believe him as he’s one of the best influencers that American libertarians can find. However, he does not identify with American libertarians, which I am totally okay with.

Other Islamic States, like Saudi Arabia, are more comparable to Soviet Russia. From Saudi Arabia faking friendship with us, to the very same kingdom sponsoring our most impassioned enemies. So basically, to be honest, I see Iran and Saudi Arabia as the new Hitler and the new Soviet Union respectively.

Can World War Three be avoided?

Well, if we go about regular society’s logic of World War 3 being a global case of total warfare, then I’d say it depends. If we forfeit our proxy war against Russia and move on to the 21st century by crushing the Islamic States, then my answer is yes. However, if we don’t change gears like this, then my answer is no.