Sanctions on Iran Have Not Stopped Islamic Statism, Never Will

How you know Sanctions do not help.
Iranian mother & son walk by evidence that sanctions never do work and never will work.

Sanctions on Iran imposed, on a No New Learning basis.

Okay, so what exactly do I mean a no new learning basis? And what is going on with Iran and sanctions anyway? Basically, America is, once again, sanctioning Iran over the Iranian military build-up. However, We The People have tried this method of dealing with Iran before and they clearly do not work and never have worked. Nor will this policy ever work. Additionally, I ought to go into detail about what kind of nation Iran is toward us. Frankly, Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism who happens to be the third biggest exporter of Jihadi terror. Only Pakistan and, far more so, Saudi Arabia; stand above Iran in sponsoring our enemies, the Islamic Statist movement. However, not everyone reading this is going to know what that is. Let me explain.

What is the Islamic Statist movement?

Basically, Islamic Statists, or as they are more often called Islamic Totalitarians, are an overtly political sect of muslims who actively preach and fight for global tyranny. As in a tyrannical monarchy who thrives on central planning of all things by the state from the faith called Islam, across the entire world. Basically this means that Islamic Statism is a dire threat to our individual rights to life, liberty, and the earning of prosperity. In fact, it is the biggest threat at present to these individual rights for everyone. Muslims, christians, gays, such atheists as me, and so many more; are all in immortal danger. For as long as this brand of Statism lives.

Now we can talk about the sanctions and Iran

So, what is Iran’s role in all this? Ah, yes, they are the number three regime in state sponsorship of Islamic Statist acts of terror. Basically, our history of imposing sanctions on Iran proves what Yaron Brook said here in 2013. He accepts that we keep doing the same dumb things (sanctions) over and over again and don’t learn anything. Einstein had a word for this, he’d have called this insanity.

Instead, I think the proper defense policy with regard to Iran is frankly the overnight annihilation of their political and military establishment. Not just the elements legally classed as Legit Military Targets, either. But any and all Iranian politicians and theocrats who are currently in charge of Iran, too. And the same defense policy is proper regarding any and all Islamic States (dark green on this map) too. After these regimes are destroyed, I think we need to bring most surviving victors home and leave a few thousand behind. Frankly the few thousand staying behind is about guarding the free market’s ability to install capitalism in these foreign lands.

No, this solution is not world policing nor nation building

What even is world policing? Because when I think of it I think of paternalism to foreigners. As for nation building, that’s not a proper alternative to sanctions regarding these Islamic Statists regimes either. See, actual neocons are often asserting we need to keep all surviving victors over there so these US troops can act like architects of democratic government. Frankly the reality is we need not to topple tyrannies to spread democracy. But rather we need, I say, to stamp out actual threats to spread free enterprise.

So, according to me, we will not defeat Iran with sanctions. According to me, the day we militarily destroy Iran’s regime and replace it with free market capitalism is the day we have solved the problem of Iran’s major imminent threat to us. But until then, I say we have not resolved it.