Private Markets: America Should Stick to Paris Deal

Alex Molinaroli
Alex Molinaroli walking down a hallway of his company’s headquarter.

Donald Trump gets opposition from private markets to his quitting of the Paris Deal

Okay, so first I tried to close this site for being a money burden on me. But then when I was not able to I found this story. Frankly, I have been hearing plenty of jibber jabber about the Paris Deal. Apparently, Donald Trump took America out of this climate deal without the consent of any of the free societies America needs as friends. However, I am not here to glorify or vilify Trump for this action. Instead, I am here to analyze this action from my own perspective, with only one intention. Bringing clarity to this news about American talks with France.

Before we begin…

…I owe anyone who actually reads this magazine an answer of why I wanted to close this site down. Frankly, I am sparingly patient about anything that is not related to my grocery store job. Therefore, I looked at the monthly billing I get for this site and looked at how I’ve never made even a penny off it. I almost closed this magazine down because I felt that no-one was ever reading it! Thus I make a plea to you, please share this article every time Paris Deal comes up for any reason! Especially if this is your first time reading a Pro-Defense News article! This magazine is heavily in its infancy at 4 months old and has a heavy bent towards journalistic integrity!

Okay, back to the actual topic.

So, I will come clean about my awareness of the situation and of my ideological perspective. But let’s start with my situational awareness. I have seen friends of mine speaking harshly about this Paris deal cancelation. However, this reminded me why CNBC is my most trusted news source, because of their reporting. They are basically to sensible libertarians like me as NPR is to actual liberals like on the Center-left. But other than ideological difference, CNBC has a streak of journalistic integrity. One that makes it the only news channel who ever gives NPR any run for its money.

Thus, I went to CNBC and read the story to try to get a basic knowing of the Paris Deal. And frankly it is a climate deal about agreeing to make private markets want to focus on clean energy. However, we live in the Digital Age wherein every mindful consumer including me wants to make the private market move away from fossil fuel and into renewable energies!

What does this say about Trump pulling America from the Paris Deal?

Well, from what I read today, he wants us to fixate on fossil fuel. Frankly, to see private market CEOs objecting to fossil fuel is a breath of fresh air. Not because of any stereotypes or hysteria touted about markets by the far left. Instead, it’s a breath of fresh air because it serves as evidence that business leaders and their worker-bases share incentive to constantly cater to customer desires in a better way every day. So, after reading this CNBC article about private markets wanting America to stay in the Paris renewable energy deal, I can now take a stance. I oppose Trump’s cancelation of American loyalty to the renewable energy deal of Paris. If private market CEOs, consumers and workers can mostly if not entirely agree to oppose this cancellation, so can I!