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advertise here if you want to
Pro-Defense News is very open to ad campaigns!

Feel free to Advertise on Pro-Defense News!

Advertise! Okay, basically I am now inviting people with a campaign of any nature to place their ads here! Regardless of whether it is a Super Bowl, World Series, Movie Trailer, or Game Trailer Campaign. Political candidate campaigns are especially welcome, for obvious reasons! However, I do owe all aspiring advertisers insight as to why to advertise here.

Reasons to Advertise here on Pro-Defense News

Firstly, I will police the word choices here to make sure it is of PG-13 or lower content maturity. Far more often lower due to the design of this site meaning to be about doing commentary in a scientifically engineered way. Secondly, I will be making sure any and all posts done to PDN are of Good readability and Good SEO. But also consider thirdly you can draw in people to your audience that teach your normal audience words they learned here via dictionary that make your normal audience smarter!

The 4th grand reason to expand your ad campaigns to Pro-Defense News is because Honest journalism depends on whether you do ads on PDN. Basically the idea is you advertise here and as I have journalists write posts for PDN I pay them proportionally to what percent of posts are theirs directly. However, don’t think this is all PDN needs your ads for. Frankly PDN needs advertisers to engage my readers in a legion of differing topics. This 5th reason is to ask your help preventing my audience from being preoccupied with politics.

I’ll leave it up to you

So even though I have given you, if you have ads to play here, five platinum reasons to advertise here. I will still let it depend entirely on you whether to advertise here, on Pro-Defense News.