Pakistan Putting Jihadi Terrorist Chiefs Up To… Peace Talks?

trio of Taliban
Three Taliban gunmen

Pakistan Wants its Go To Salafi proxy army to do peace talks?

Basically the most odd story ever about the Taliban, to me. Frankly I have read this story about Pakistan prepping them for peace talks. Many may say the Pakistani government is trying to get on the Liberty side of the War On Salafism. However, Pakistan’s state sponsorship of Jihad is well known. But before we can get into assessing Pakistan and whether they are a friend or a foe, what is Salafism?

Basically, Salafism is the ideology not just of taking the Islamic religion to religious fanatic extremes, but mainly of working to build a planetary empire based on these extremes.

Time to assess the Pakistani regime

What does Pakistan do to sponsor the Salafis? Frankly, what they did in the middle 1990s was actively sponsor the Taliban usurp of Afghanistan. Without the support of Pakistan, their usurp of Afghanistan would perhaps have not happened. However, India is also a victim of Pakistan-sponsored terror. That’s Pakistan sponsoring revolts in a part of India called Kashmir. It was unknown whether Pakistan severed all ties to the Taliban over 9/11, until now. Recently we have found they have no such interest, but why would they sever all ties?

In essence, I can tell you why they would not. Pakistan would never abandon the Taliban because they share the same brand of Salafism. This brand is called Deobandi, which itself has two styles. The nationally imperial style in Afghanistan, and the globally imperial style in Pakistan.

Lastly, there is the status of individual liberty in Pakistan: there is none. Culturally, this PDF finds them to have “Very Low Moral Freedom”. But as for economics, Cato and Fraser Institutes find Pakistan among the world’s “Least Free” economies.

How should America deal with Pakistan?

Personally, and knowing what I know now, I think America should have launched a heavily principled War On Salafism; with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as primary targets, more so the former than the latter. Why? Because We The People have been attacked first and thus have the moral right to fight Salafi Empire philosophy. But what do I mean by “principled”?

As opposed to the severely unprincipled foreign policy we have now, we need a colorfully principled policy of Defensive Posture and Free Trade. Basically free trade, in this foreign policy I say we need, is unilaterally lowering foreign economies’ tariffs and regulations to zero. Okay so let’s get back on topic. Frankly, in this context, defensive posture abstains from nation building and makes the military avoid nannying people overseas. The job of a libertarian regime’s military is to defend people from terrorism and genocide, including both imminent and latent threats of these. Nothing else. For example, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are imminent terrorism threats to the human species while Iran is, put rather simply, a latent threat of genocide to humanity.


Judge Andrew Napolitano FIRED for Enforcing the Bill of Rights!

This judge has been wrongly fired.
Calling out government on Bill of Rights breaking… and Fired

Sadly, the LP’s best known judicial worker has been fired his media job!

However, should anyone really be surprised that Fox News kicked out the only judge and journalist vocalizing the LP nationally? Evidently, he was kicked out for suspecting Obama of wiretapping! Specifically, Judge Napolitano suspects Barack Obama used a foreign intel agency to spy on Donald Trump. Personally, I see the Donald as ignorant. No ideology, no values, no principles. Although, what Obama is suspected of is actually breaking the 4th amendment to the Bill of Rights! But I am not going to sit here and act like the theory is total fact or total lie.

“You cannot know anything, only suspect”

Yes, I did just quote a video game character! Why is this quote from Assassin’s Creed 1 character Malik Al-Sayf in this article? Because I will call the Judge out on one thing. He’s accusing the 44th president of having spied on the now 45th as though the Judge knows. Basically, this is me exerting the principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Perhaps if the Judge wants to validate his claims, he should sign a warrant for Chicago police to search Obama’s records. This way, the Chicago police can prove the judge either right or wrong.

Here’s a Broad reflection on news sources

Basically, I am someone you can expect to see all of TV news as authoritarian. Including Fox News for reasons made obvious in this piece. Actually, almost all. Because there are two exceptions I am aware of, Fox Business and CNBC. All other NBC channels and all other Fox channels are despotic news ‘sources’. But then there is CNN and PBS who are frequently despotic in their biases.

So basically CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, Fox News, InfoWars, BreitBart, TheYoungTurks, these are all split between Fascism vs Marxism. But the bias to libertarians and actual liberals (aka classical liberals), because every news source has one kind of bias or another. Pro-Defense News, what you’re reading now, has neolibertarian bias to it but still tries to focus on being objective. Which for example is why I condemn Fox News for firing Judge Andy Nap while still advising him to presume Obama innocent until proven guilty, on behalf of the 5th amendment. Basically you will not find the kind of news that leans to liberty in those listed above.

Which news has a mix of objectivity and liberty bias?

In essence, you won’t find reports mixing objectivity with a bias to liberty unless you read Pro-Defense News right here. However, there’s other sources of this kind of reporting. You can also watch Fox Business and/or CNBC for this mix, or you have to go to The Libertarian Republic and/or Liberty Viral (who I linked to over the topic). Plus, there is also the Freedom Report on Podbean, or my every-Sunday podcast, In Defense Of Liberty on Minds.

Iraq Storms Out Against Salafis in Mosul!

Prep for Mosul
Iraqi troops readying to reclaim Mosul

Iraqi Military proves itself ally to the US recently.

Wow! The Iraqi Military has shown marked improvement in their effort to defend humanity against the Salafi movement! Basically, they have reclaimed Mosul recently. Frankly this is excellent progress for the fight against Salafism. However this is also a good time to speak truth to history of Iraq. But also a great time to speak truth to meaning about Salafism. Lastly I am going to offer solutions to the problem of Salafism that have their efficiency carved into history.

Iraq During Saddam Hussein vs After Saddam Hussein

There are some obviously marked contrasts between Iraq 1979-2003 and Iraq since 2003. Firstly, Saddam spent his entire rule being a genocidal tyrant against the Kurdish and Shia citizens of Iraq. And the Anfal Campaign was not the only example. However, genocide was not the only thing Saddam did in his reign. This guy also sponsored terrorism to the point where destabilizing the Middle East was something he thrived on doing. Plus his ideas of enforcing law were some of the most terroristic horrors as well. Lastly he was someone who did not care whether or not American diplomats overseas were victims of his barbaric rule.

However; fast forward to the nature of Iraqi military and such long after 2003, and it is like a completely new Iraq as we have seen just now. Basically Iraq nowadays is a government that does all it can to quell both imminent and latent threats to the American People. But, I’m slightly inclined to say this they do to hold on to healthier relations they have with us now than they did under Saddam.

WAIT! What is the Salafi movement?

Okay, so let me discuss this one. Salafism is basically the ultra-puritanical intake of the Islamic faith. Basically its members are Islamic religious fanatics who wish to enslave the whole human species to their own purist intake of the Koran and of the Hadiths. Some call this movement the Islamic Totalitarian movement, or Islamic Statist movement for short. Even though I know there is a distinct Shia equivalent to Salafism, called Khomeinism, they are both the same movement to me. So that’s why they are both the Salafi movement to me.

Solutions, with a side serving of solutions

Basically I can offer a handful of solutions that either have been proven effective in the distant past or been proposed by people like Rand Paul or Austin Petersen. However, don’t expect me to offer any pacifistic solutions.

Firstly, I have explored, at least in my head, the option of hiring the Kurds as Constitutional mercenaries. Using Letters of Marque and Reprisal, we can offer the Kurds an independent Kurdistan as reward for destroying ISIS itself. Meanwhile, I say We The People go after ISIS’s state sponsors. What state sponsors you ask? Well, Saudi Arabia is chiefest of sponsors of ISIS, the second in line is Pakistan. Libertarian think tank Cato knows this all too well.

However, there is also the option of pulling a Savannah Campaign to directly target Islamic Totalitarians’ Fossil Fuel culture. Basically do to 2010’s Islamic Statist fossil fuel culture what Sherman did to 1860’s White Supremacist cotton field culture.

Lastly, there is the idea of sending in weaponized drones, and weaponized robots too. This I base on a notion in military technology floated around by current Libertarian Party runner for California governor Zoltan Istvan.

Marco Rubio and the Chance that the Libertarian Party Has to Fix America!

Is Rubio at a meeting in this pic? What's the chance of that?
Marco Rubio at a meeting? By what chance?

Marco Rubio argues Sessions’s word choices were accidents?

Apparently, youthful Florida Senator and foreign policy context idealist Marco Rubio has tried to defend Sessions’s meeting with Russia. Basically I do not want this to be a focus on the Republican Party having blown a chance. Frankly that’s because I want to be done moping about Trump for as long as this site lives. Also, I wish only to focus on policy debate topics. NOT on policy debate players. However, I am going to instead speak truth to power from within the Libertarian Party. Plus, as my category choice proves, this is about how the Libertarian Party can still end the Bipartisan duopoly on American voters. And now, I will speak here as a dues-payer to the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.

Let me just get my comment on this defense by Marco out there right now: I think it is unwise. And that’s really the matter of this post. Wisdom to give to my party the LP.

How the Libertarian Party must seize its chance

Basically, polling shows that most American values have little to do with the two default parties. Accordingly, a noteworthy majority of American values are in lock step with Libertarian Party values. Far more so than with either of the main two. However, in order to swing this to our benefit, many of us if not most have to reject the feel-good of Peace Activism on a foreign policy level. Instead we the Libertarian Party need to accept and promote the pivotal the American Military’s role of guarding free trade and open immigration globally. Do not get me wrong, I’m still utterly convinced that free trade and open immigration are healthier than war. However I am advising here that the entire LP stop dismissing the US military’s role of preserving global trade and travel.

Free trade and open immigration did not become the world norm via human nature. Basically, these two were globally imposed as post-WW2 means of geopolitics. Afterward, the US military is who has been nurturing this means for 72 years. Ordering them to abandon this nurturing they do would only allow our religious fanatic current rivals to reshape the world according to their puritanical intake of the Koran & Hadith, ending free trade & open immigration forever.

Left to its own sense of Chance, the world gets  deadlier

If you look on this post by Cato Institute, you see that many libertarian Independents are acutely aware. That is, aware of Saudi Arabia’s incessant building of proxy armies of ISIS. But also, aware of Pakistan’s frantic and flagrant building of Taliban armies. Lastly, aware of the state sponsored terrorism of Saddam’s Iraq, the current Syria, and the current Iran. Of these five, the four that survived 2003 are still proving they have no interest in “Mutual Respect Between All Nations”. Instead these nations all care only about Koranic religious fanaticism.

US military supervision nurtures world peace.

Frankly, calls for the US military to retreat from everywhere else are also impulsive. Historically, that’s because US military mingling with Japanese and South Korean populations has lead to 64 years of these two populations paving a fast road to Digital Economy and World Economy becoming synonyms.

Do not get me wrong on this either, war should only be done within the Right of Self-Defense. However, properly exerting this Right requires US troops to be right on the soils of honest friends. And here’s more fairness to my fellow LP dues-payers. Nation Building, and Striking first without having proof of an imminent or even latent threat, both foster instability and are just all-around nationally suicidal. Therefore, these are the LP oppositions I defend and promote faster than Austin Petersen can say ‘make taxation theft again’.

Should we as the LP do anything else to grab chance?

Yes, we absolutely should! When it comes to our hybrid of fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism, we should advance those from within the Bill of Rights alone. Take the Freedom from Biblical cultural norms for example. This is something we should promote from within the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights. However, all economic liberties are things I want our party to invoke the Ninth and Tenth amendments in defense of. Non-codified freedoms is the Ninth Amendment, while the Tenth Amendment says this. Powers not given to Congress are given to the US citizens (referred to as ‘the People’).

But what about political Libertarianism? Promote that from within the Articles and Preamble of the Constitution. That is, invoke Articles 1 through 7, and the Preamble as well, to advance US Libertarian style of ruling American society.

Jeff Sessions is a Tyranny Sympathizer, Not an Attorney General

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions pledging to rescue himself from investigation

Tyranny respecter Jeff Sessions has been made our Attorney General!

Someone named Jeff Sessions has been under fire for ties to Russia. Basically, he is someone who has been friendly to tyrants of Russia. However, he is not being dealt any kind of justice for this. Instead he is being allowed to make rulings about the US Constitution. Plus, he is being allowed to rule about the US Bill of Rights. So what exactly does this say about my voting peers? What does this say about Mr. Sessions? Lastly what does this say about America’s humanity as a free society? Frankly we are going to explore all of these in this analysis.

Quick Disclaimers before I answer the questions!

I’m a dorky atheist who espouses views that can be most accurately labeled ‘Libertarian‘. Basically this means I am an Independent voter who’s sole political concern is Liberty. Specifically by ‘liberty’ I mean the following.

  1. The freedom to do as one pleases without breaking the rule of law
  2. Freedom from tyrannical rule
  3. Intake of a legion of moral freedoms & economic freedoms
  4. The freedom of choice in off duty lifestyle

I am a small-L libertarian in terms of how I am registered to vote. However, this does not stop me from paying monthly dues to be a capital-L on the Connecticut state level. The only reasons I am a libertarian Independent (small ell & big aye) are all foreign policy reasons. I reject the myth that being a libertarian demands one to be militarily a pacifist. But most of us are for reasons that confuse me deeply. I think that if some tyranny is up to genocide or slavery then it deserves to die. Of what I guess I’d call ‘free market rollback‘, the act of forcibly replacing a tyrannical regime with a free market economy. But mostly I’m about one sided cuts of foreign economies’ regs to zero (Unilateral Free Trade).

What does Jeff Sessions’s behavior say about my voting peers?

Yes, I am done disclaiming. Now we can move on to getting questions answered. Well, frankly, Jeff Sessions’s behavior says about my fellow voters that they would rather vote on feelings than on facts. How do I know this? Because most Americans, from what I observed, were far too obsessed on directly imitating Hunger Games to care about Rule of Law. Or at least this is how most of my fellow voters come of to me. I was very briefly registered to vote as Republican in attempt to get the GOP populists and elitists to scrap their trivial problems with each other.

Basically I wanted to unite Republicans of both mindsets, and Democrats of both mindsets, against the Islamic Statist threat to Humanity. Sadly, my fellow US voters would rather fight among themselves like Mordor Uruk-hai from Return of the King than ask “What will happen if we do this?“. And now we have this Anti-Constitution, Tyranny respecter in charge of interpreting the Bill of Rights. And the US electorate’s populism vs elitism obsession is to blame.

What does this say about Jeff Sessions?

Frankly this says he is severely opposed to the James Madison writing of the Bill of Rights. However this also says he is eager to forfeit American independence, making him a tad Anti-Jefferson as well.

What does this say about US Humanity?

Nothing positive, I will say that much. Unless one speaks of how Americans behave outside of voting time. Because then nearly all Americans are good people. However, there are those who choose not to be even with no election going on in the moment.

Who would I have liked for Attorney General?

Basically, someone like Thomas Massie. A wise human being who adores all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights equally, just like I do. Fiscally he’s a fellow backer of mammoth levels of economic liberty. Best of all to me, on foreign policy, he is a fellow Anti-pacifist. Making himself someone well worth the praise and support of Pro-Defense News anchors like me. Nothing else for me to say on this Jeff Sessions issue.

The War On Cannabis? Let’s End It Immediately.

Time to End War on Cannabis?
Political Cartoon about the war on cannabis

Escalation of War on Cannabis will only make matters worse.

Forgive me for not wanting to go into electoral details. However there is news of an escalation in the works for the war on drugs. Basically there are a great countless arguments to make against having the War on Drugs at all. But before we begin, I want to say somethings including only one electoral detail. Had we elected Austin Petersen instead of Donald Trump this escalation would not be any kind of problem. Frankly that is because Austin would have ended the war on drugs. Similar deal with Rand Paul, by the way. Basically if Rand Paul were the Republican nominee turned 45th POTUS, then he too would have ended it. Please allow me to break down the factors of this issue.

The Way the War on Cannabis began makes this ‘war’ illegal

Firstly, let me contrast this with the 1920’s Prohibition ordeal. Meaning the war on alcohol if you want to call it that. Congress and the then President realized neither had any authority to wage war against alcohol. Basically the Constitution was Amended to start a war against Alcohol. However the rise of Al Capone and his Bootlegging cartel proved the war on alcohol to be an epic fail. Therefore, the constitution was amended again to quit the war on alcohol. But look! Five decades later, Richard Nixon started the war on cannabis to crack down on Latinos and black Americans! Not only is this an immoral goal, but also the constitution was never amended for this!

Frankly the short of it is that the war on drugs is actually illegal!

Drug Scheduling makes no sense either

You know how the Drug Enforcement Agency has their Scheduling system? Big news is that this Scheduling system of theirs has absolutely no science at all to it. Basically the scheduling system does not make any sense with the medical sciences done by legit researchers! Whether it is their labeling of cannabis as severely dangerous despite it needing to be in 20,000 doses to be poison. Or it is their labeling of alcohol as utopian form of safe despite science finding that it takes only 10 doses to be poison.

Fact is we need to end the war on cannabis right now and we need to end the war on drugs in general, right now.

SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Accountability

This is what SodaStream produce looks like.

SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Responsibility For Product Flaws via Recall!

As an owner and user  of these products myself, this is huge news for me. Basically it’s the news about recall over potential future explosions. In other words, this was a preventive recall over a latent threat of carbon explosions. As such, I am mainly doing commentary now on this news to teach something. Mainly, this post is a lesson on how individual freedom comes with individual responsibility. However, this is not just the truth culturally or in regular society. Equally, it is the truth of the matter fiscally and within economy as well.

Firstly, which SodaStream products do I use?

Basically, I use the purely crystal clear bottles with no tint. As for what I use for the carbonation, I always use the maker of the 130 Liter maximum. Why is any of this relevant to this post? Because the specific filler bottles being recalled all have blue tints. However, despite this recall, there is a need to talk about how this is evidence of how easy it is for retailers to self-regulate.

They Key to Self-Regulation is Acceptance…

…of Individual Accountability. Sometimes this concept is called Individual responsibility, personal responsibility, and moral responsibility. Basically, it is two ideas under one name. Firstly it is the idea that someone who does good always deserves credit & reward for that good. Secondly is the idea that someone who does evil inherently deserves blame & punishment for that evil.

Basically, this is the prerequisite to individual freedom, both economically and culturally. Perhaps the best example I can give without getting off topic is what economic freedom SodaStream has. And how they are accepting individual accountability by doing this recall. Everyone has (or needs) the freedom to sell items for home made sodas. But also to sell servings of home made sodas for $x per serving. However, this is where individual accountability comes in. People also have moral duty to do what they gotta do to comply with the golden rule. Economically there is both this and the laws of supply and demand to take it on oneself to comply with.

Using SodaStream as an example

Moral accountability for SodaStream means recalling products over them posing latent threats of chemical explosion. Basically SodaStream has demonstrated that whether free markets work depends entirely on one factor. That factor is the level of moral accountability accepted culturally.

Japan Losing Itself Fiscally to Sleep Problems!

President of Japan
The highly respectable president of Japan

Japan May Need to Simplify its Economic Structure? Because it is facing Sleep Problems.

Japan. In the Digital Age, to be totally exact. Basically their economy I hear is lately facing sleep deficits. Generally speaking this sleep deficit is costing them gravely at $138 billion annually. And this is quite the trouble for quite the legion of valid reasons. Mainly, according to this newspaper, valid reasons for US Libertarians to worry for the Japanese. However, one must not lose optimism because there are solutions to be at least offered to them.

Firstly, what is the Japanese economy like?

Generally, their economy is a market lead economy that Cato finds to be a Mostly Free Market. Also, the culturally centrist fiscal conservatives of Heritage find these to be the fine details over there. Over there, 127 million people work in a somewhat futuristic economy that has indeed enough Rule of Law to go round. Basically, the problems facing their economy are some trade blocks, and as I recently learned sleep loss. Okay, but how must one solve this kind of problem?

Broadly, Japan needs to go pure Laissez-faire

Wait up! What do I mean by ‘pure laissez-faire’? Basically what I am calling on Japan to do for themselves independently is a few things. Certainly they need to replace their regulations with the golden rule on its own. As in a single paper that says ‘You cannot do anything to people you don’t want done to you’. However, every economy needs to do this, including America’s but ours is not the economy we’re talking about.

Secondly, I also refer to a policy of revenue reform. And by this if you know anything about me or about neolibertarians in general, we are Non-Tax Revenue people. Meaning, in this topic, we advise Japan to rely on sources like Lotteries, Royalty deals, Rental deals, User Fees, and other sources that Make Taxation Theft Again.

Lastly, and here is the relevant one to this discussion. I’d say the Japanese people need to be allowed to rework their contracts with their employers. Basically a bilateral kind of thing where worker and employer agree to a standard of reasonable sized shift. This way, contractors and workers can learn together how to work up some medically decent & healthy sleep agendas!

Zoltan Istvan and the Factions of the Libertarian Party

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in California

Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in the Libertarian Party

Two people I know of are running for state governor roles under the Libertarian Party ticket. In California, Zoltan Istvan is that candidate, while in my state Mark Stewart is that guy. Basically, I have already endorsed Mark directly via the comment box on his campaign site’s contact page. As for the other guy in California, I am going to wait until he states his policies before endorsing him. However, know that the big highlight with him is his emphasis on futurism and relying almost fully on science and on secular morality to advance Individual Liberty. Also, allow me to take time to elaborate since it appears, at least this year, about the Factions of the Libertarian Party. But, it is worth noting the following.

  1. No-one considers any form of socialism a form of libertarianism
  2. Which is why I am replacing the 6th one down with ‘Libertarian Trans-humanism’
  3. Zoltan himself is of the Libertarian Trans-humanist faction, there’s that too.

Factions of the Libertarian Party

Basically all of these factions agree to support free markets, civil liberties, and an authority so tiny that all it ever does is defend humans from fraud, force & theft. However, A} we also all agree the only other stuff authority should do is defend pets and other property from these three behaviors, too. And B} there are some major differences between the 10 different factions.


Okay, here is the faction that everyone seems to think is the only faction of the LP. Actually, this is one of the smaller factions of the Libertarian Party, okay? What these guys believe is that authority should not be exerted by any kind of government. Instead Anarcho-Capitalists want authority to be exerted entirely by the free market, including desire for civil justice and national security to go by the rules of supply and demand.

Cultural Libertarians

Center-left, permissive society types who happen to also endorse laissez-faire economics. But again, civil liberty and mutual respect between all lifestyles are the number one concern for these types. However, there is a concentration on Facts over feelings within this faction that gives me plenty of respect for them. Henceforth, the YouTubers I look up to that I’d most eagerly invite to join this faction are as follows. June Lapine (Shoe0nHead), Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad, even though he’d have to gain US citizenship first), and Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report). Mark Stewart and his fellow ‘Freedom Democrats’ are of this faction.

Classical Liberals

Here’s the faction every single founding father of America would have joined if they were here today! Basically these are the guys who are into asserting that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and civil liberties. They also say that authority needs to be an indirect democracy. One who only ever acts to defend economic freedom and civil liberties.

Fiscal Libertarians

People who’s number one priority is the economy. Specifically, building a free market economy with no monopolies, no corporatism, and no protectionism. Also, this is the faction with the most concentration on replacing regulation with the golden rule all by itself. Plus these are people who are much more concerned about Making Taxation Theft Again then about anything related to Planned Parenthood, for example. Mike Lee and his fellow ‘Liberty Republicans’ are very likely to flee to this specific faction of the LP. All because of Donald Trump’s executive overreach.


However, Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, is the Founding Father who’d be into this faction. These guys are fiscal libertarians who want to replace taxation with emphasis on land rental. That’s because this is the faction who believes land ownership is exempt from property rights.

Libertarian Trans-Humanists

Zoltan Istvan’s faction is this one! Looking at the beliefs Zoltan Istvan clarifies having on The Rubin Report, is how you figure out what this faction’s agenda is. Furthermore, this is the most likely faction to emphasize science, reason, and non-Jesus-Centric thinking. Basically this is the Digital Age and Digital Economy faction of the Libertarian Party.


Oooh, you see this lads! This is the faction of Austin Petersen, the guy who should be our president right now, says reality. Okay, but what is a minarchist? In short, a minarchist is someone who’s top concern is keeping authority a vastly tiny government that abides by a constitution. Which is why one can call these guys, especially Austin who self-professes as one, the Libertarian Constitutionalists.


Okay, guys this is my faction! This is also the main faction of Pro-Defense News which you are reading right now! We the neolibertarians are a post-9/11 factional offspring of Libertarian Trans-humanism who’s number one concerns are foreign policy and national defense. Specifically, we are the faction that assimilates the Bush Doctrine to serve the principle of only warring within the Right of Self-Defense. Meaning we take Unilateralism to be about unilaterally lowering foreign economies’ tax and regulatory burdens to puritanical zero. Plus we adapt the ‘End States Who Sponsor Terrorism’ thing into one that focuses on Islamic Totalitarian acts of terrorism. So far as the Preemptive strikes thing goes, many of us (myself included) expand that to include ‘Preventative’. Meaning to stamp out latent threats before they’re imminent.

And then there’s Regime Change. We as a faction of the LP do not in any sense support unprovoked acts of Democracy Promotion or Nation Building. We as a faction of the LP we’d rather bring a large majority of US troops home from their victory while leaving a few thousand behind to oversee the rise of Free Markets and Free Trade in what used to be enemy land.

Mainly, neolibertarians like me are the Nothing Less Than Victory types when it comes to how we want the US military to go about ending an actual threat.


I gotta admit I have a legion of respects for this faction of the LP. Matter a fact, these are the guys who got me changing the perspective I oppose Anti-War activism from. And changing for the betterment of the LP, at that! However, because I respect Objectivists so much, I must be honest that they are far more of their own movement. Basically there are few Objectivists I am aware of by name within the LP. Who they are is the people who take the platform of Ayn Rand Institute and import it into its own faction of the LP.


The resident anti-immigration types in the LP. Well, not anti-immigration but rather anti-open-borders. Don’t get me wrong, as a neolibertarian my faction and I favor the Ellis Island border policy that minarchist Austin pushed in 2016! However the paleolibertarians, like Rebel Media leader Lauren Southern would be classed as if she were in the US Libertarian Party, oppose open borders and open immigration. In other words, the paleolibertarian faction confuses this distinction between open immigration vs open borders exactly like the Libertarian National Chairmen do, but with opposite intentions.

Something else I want to mention is these guys are the leading voice for Just War Theory, mostly. Basically, these are the faction who I see as more often naive than not on a foreign policy level.

What any of this means for Zoltan and Mark

Frankly these two have their own factions of the LP. I have some opinions in common with both, and I have things I disagree with one or the other on. Basically what matters in 2018 is making sure Libertarian Partiers of all factions become state governors that year. That’s really it.

Is that ‘Big Challenge’ in Syria Assad or is it Islamic Totalitarians?

Medieval city in Aleppo, Syria
The city of Aleppo in what looks like Medieval Syria

In Syria, Iconic parts of Aleppo are being destroyed by both sides.

But wait! Both sides of what? A civil war? Frankly, yes it is both sides of a civil war. Specifically, the country of Syria is being fought over by two ‘big challenge‘ forces. Basically, these two teams are the forces of Bashar Assad and the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism. However, there are many questions to ask, and indeed answer. All of these must come before asking questions of what to do and why. Also, we need to not only think before we act. But also research and maybe even strategize before acting.

What kind of ruler is Bashar al-Assad?

From all that can be gathered, Assad rules his country in a way with no room at all for political rights or for civil liberties. Cato Institute also catches Assad being the 4th most tyrannical ruler in a human freedom overall. Also, they find that Assad causes routine famine and poverty in his land by stifling economic freedom in Syria to the level of 13 lowest on Earth. Basically, he is quick and routine to benefit from regional instability just as Saddam Hussein was.

Plus, evidence suggests that Bashar Assad is a state sponsor of terrorism. Specifically, Syria is a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian acts of terror. Mainly, it is worth noting that Syria is the 2nd lead sponsor of an Islamic Totalitarian militia called Hezbollah. Only Iran sponsors them more prolifically.

What is the Islamic Totalitarian movement?

Basically, the ideology of Islamic Totalitarianism is the ideology that motivated the atrocity of 9/11. Therefore, it’s the one that provoked the ‘War’ on Terror. Generally, what it calls for is enslavement of the entire human species to despotic rule. And it’s despotic rule based on a purist intake of the Islamic faith.

Its top four sponsors, in order from most to least voracious; are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

What is the job of the US Military?

In short, the job of the US military is not to impose democracy or even laissez-faire onto other nations. This magazine explains it perfectly, in its analysis of Rand Paul foreign policy.

Government’s job is to protect people from force globally; and from force, fraud and theft locally.

How does this apply to addressing Syria?

Often, I take to this online self analysis quiz called iSideWith. And one of the answers I give that lands me at 89% libertarian (and 79% Libertarian Party) every time is over whether to topple Assad. Basically, I think on how much less prolific Syrian sponsorship of Islamic Totalitarianism is than Iran, Pakistan, and mainly Saudi Arabia. Frankly this leads me to think the US military needs to make Saudi Arabia target number 1 for wiping of Islamic Totalitarianism from the world. To me; Pakistan, Iran and Syria need be secondary, tertiary and quaternary target; respectively.