The War On Cannabis? Let’s End It Immediately.

Time to End War on Cannabis?
Political Cartoon about the war on cannabis

Escalation of War on Cannabis will only make matters worse.

Forgive me for not wanting to go into electoral details. However there is news of an escalation in the works for the war on drugs. Basically there are a great countless arguments to make against having the War on Drugs at all. But before we begin, I want to say somethings including only one electoral detail. Had we elected Austin Petersen instead of Donald Trump this escalation would not be any kind of problem. Frankly that is because Austin would have ended the war on drugs. Similar deal with Rand Paul, by the way. Basically if Rand Paul were the Republican nominee turned 45th POTUS, then he too would have ended it. Please allow me to break down the factors of this issue.

The Way the War on Cannabis began makes this ‘war’ illegal

Firstly, let me contrast this with the 1920’s Prohibition ordeal. Meaning the war on alcohol if you want to call it that. Congress and the then President realized neither had any authority to wage war against alcohol. Basically the Constitution was Amended to start a war against Alcohol. However the rise of Al Capone and his Bootlegging cartel proved the war on alcohol to be an epic fail. Therefore, the constitution was amended again to quit the war on alcohol. But look! Five decades later, Richard Nixon started the war on cannabis to crack down on Latinos and black Americans! Not only is this an immoral goal, but also the constitution was never amended for this!

Frankly the short of it is that the war on drugs is actually illegal!

Drug Scheduling makes no sense either

You know how the Drug Enforcement Agency has their Scheduling system? Big news is that this Scheduling system of theirs has absolutely no science at all to it. Basically the scheduling system does not make any sense with the medical sciences done by legit researchers! Whether it is their labeling of cannabis as severely dangerous despite it needing to be in 20,000 doses to be poison. Or it is their labeling of alcohol as utopian form of safe despite science finding that it takes only 10 doses to be poison.

Fact is we need to end the war on cannabis right now and we need to end the war on drugs in general, right now.


SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Accountability

This is what SodaStream produce looks like.

SodaStream Owns Up To Moral Responsibility For Product Flaws via Recall!

As an owner and user  of these products myself, this is huge news for me. Basically it’s the news about recall over potential future explosions. In other words, this was a preventive recall over a latent threat of carbon explosions. As such, I am mainly doing commentary now on this news to teach something. Mainly, this post is a lesson on how individual freedom comes with individual responsibility. However, this is not just the truth culturally or in regular society. Equally, it is the truth of the matter fiscally and within economy as well.

Firstly, which SodaStream products do I use?

Basically, I use the purely crystal clear bottles with no tint. As for what I use for the carbonation, I always use the maker of the 130 Liter maximum. Why is any of this relevant to this post? Because the specific filler bottles being recalled all have blue tints. However, despite this recall, there is a need to talk about how this is evidence of how easy it is for retailers to self-regulate.

They Key to Self-Regulation is Acceptance…

…of Individual Accountability. Sometimes this concept is called Individual responsibility, personal responsibility, and moral responsibility. Basically, it is two ideas under one name. Firstly it is the idea that someone who does good always deserves credit & reward for that good. Secondly is the idea that someone who does evil inherently deserves blame & punishment for that evil.

Basically, this is the prerequisite to individual freedom, both economically and culturally. Perhaps the best example I can give without getting off topic is what economic freedom SodaStream has. And how they are accepting individual accountability by doing this recall. Everyone has (or needs) the freedom to sell items for home made sodas. But also to sell servings of home made sodas for $x per serving. However, this is where individual accountability comes in. People also have moral duty to do what they gotta do to comply with the golden rule. Economically there is both this and the laws of supply and demand to take it on oneself to comply with.

Using SodaStream as an example

Moral accountability for SodaStream means recalling products over them posing latent threats of chemical explosion. Basically SodaStream has demonstrated that whether free markets work depends entirely on one factor. That factor is the level of moral accountability accepted culturally.

Japan Losing Itself Fiscally to Sleep Problems!

President of Japan
The highly respectable president of Japan

Japan May Need to Simplify its Economic Structure? Because it is facing Sleep Problems.

Japan. In the Digital Age, to be totally exact. Basically their economy I hear is lately facing sleep deficits. Generally speaking this sleep deficit is costing them gravely at $138 billion annually. And this is quite the trouble for quite the legion of valid reasons. Mainly, according to this newspaper, valid reasons for US Libertarians to worry for the Japanese. However, one must not lose optimism because there are solutions to be at least offered to them.

Firstly, what is the Japanese economy like?

Generally, their economy is a market lead economy that Cato finds to be a Mostly Free Market. Also, the culturally centrist fiscal conservatives of Heritage find these to be the fine details over there. Over there, 127 million people work in a somewhat futuristic economy that has indeed enough Rule of Law to go round. Basically, the problems facing their economy are some trade blocks, and as I recently learned sleep loss. Okay, but how must one solve this kind of problem?

Broadly, Japan needs to go pure Laissez-faire

Wait up! What do I mean by ‘pure laissez-faire’? Basically what I am calling on Japan to do for themselves independently is a few things. Certainly they need to replace their regulations with the golden rule on its own. As in a single paper that says ‘You cannot do anything to people you don’t want done to you’. However, every economy needs to do this, including America’s but ours is not the economy we’re talking about.

Secondly, I also refer to a policy of revenue reform. And by this if you know anything about me or about neolibertarians in general, we are Non-Tax Revenue people. Meaning, in this topic, we advise Japan to rely on sources like Lotteries, Royalty deals, Rental deals, User Fees, and other sources that Make Taxation Theft Again.

Lastly, and here is the relevant one to this discussion. I’d say the Japanese people need to be allowed to rework their contracts with their employers. Basically a bilateral kind of thing where worker and employer agree to a standard of reasonable sized shift. This way, contractors and workers can learn together how to work up some medically decent & healthy sleep agendas!

Zoltan Istvan and the Factions of the Libertarian Party

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in California

Zoltan Istvan is running for state governor in the Libertarian Party

Two people I know of are running for state governor roles under the Libertarian Party ticket. In California, Zoltan Istvan is that candidate, while in my state Mark Stewart is that guy. Basically, I have already endorsed Mark directly via the comment box on his campaign site’s contact page. As for the other guy in California, I am going to wait until he states his policies before endorsing him. However, know that the big highlight with him is his emphasis on futurism and relying almost fully on science and on secular morality to advance Individual Liberty. Also, allow me to take time to elaborate since it appears, at least this year, about the Factions of the Libertarian Party. But, it is worth noting the following.

  1. No-one considers any form of socialism a form of libertarianism
  2. Which is why I am replacing the 6th one down with ‘Libertarian Trans-humanism’
  3. Zoltan himself is of the Libertarian Trans-humanist faction, there’s that too.

Factions of the Libertarian Party

Basically all of these factions agree to support free markets, civil liberties, and an authority so tiny that all it ever does is defend humans from fraud, force & theft. However, A} we also all agree the only other stuff authority should do is defend pets and other property from these three behaviors, too. And B} there are some major differences between the 10 different factions.


Okay, here is the faction that everyone seems to think is the only faction of the LP. Actually, this is one of the smaller factions of the Libertarian Party, okay? What these guys believe is that authority should not be exerted by any kind of government. Instead Anarcho-Capitalists want authority to be exerted entirely by the free market, including desire for civil justice and national security to go by the rules of supply and demand.

Cultural Libertarians

Center-left, permissive society types who happen to also endorse laissez-faire economics. But again, civil liberty and mutual respect between all lifestyles are the number one concern for these types. However, there is a concentration on Facts over feelings within this faction that gives me plenty of respect for them. Henceforth, the YouTubers I look up to that I’d most eagerly invite to join this faction are as follows. June Lapine (Shoe0nHead), Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad, even though he’d have to gain US citizenship first), and Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report). Mark Stewart and his fellow ‘Freedom Democrats’ are of this faction.

Classical Liberals

Here’s the faction every single founding father of America would have joined if they were here today! Basically these are the guys who are into asserting that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and civil liberties. They also say that authority needs to be an indirect democracy. One who only ever acts to defend economic freedom and civil liberties.

Fiscal Libertarians

People who’s number one priority is the economy. Specifically, building a free market economy with no monopolies, no corporatism, and no protectionism. Also, this is the faction with the most concentration on replacing regulation with the golden rule all by itself. Plus these are people who are much more concerned about Making Taxation Theft Again then about anything related to Planned Parenthood, for example. Mike Lee and his fellow ‘Liberty Republicans’ are very likely to flee to this specific faction of the LP. All because of Donald Trump’s executive overreach.


However, Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, is the Founding Father who’d be into this faction. These guys are fiscal libertarians who want to replace taxation with emphasis on land rental. That’s because this is the faction who believes land ownership is exempt from property rights.

Libertarian Trans-Humanists

Zoltan Istvan’s faction is this one! Looking at the beliefs Zoltan Istvan clarifies having on The Rubin Report, is how you figure out what this faction’s agenda is. Furthermore, this is the most likely faction to emphasize science, reason, and non-Jesus-Centric thinking. Basically this is the Digital Age and Digital Economy faction of the Libertarian Party.


Oooh, you see this lads! This is the faction of Austin Petersen, the guy who should be our president right now, says reality. Okay, but what is a minarchist? In short, a minarchist is someone who’s top concern is keeping authority a vastly tiny government that abides by a constitution. Which is why one can call these guys, especially Austin who self-professes as one, the Libertarian Constitutionalists.


Okay, guys this is my faction! This is also the main faction of Pro-Defense News which you are reading right now! We the neolibertarians are a post-9/11 factional offspring of Libertarian Trans-humanism who’s number one concerns are foreign policy and national defense. Specifically, we are the faction that assimilates the Bush Doctrine to serve the principle of only warring within the Right of Self-Defense. Meaning we take Unilateralism to be about unilaterally lowering foreign economies’ tax and regulatory burdens to puritanical zero. Plus we adapt the ‘End States Who Sponsor Terrorism’ thing into one that focuses on Islamic Totalitarian acts of terrorism. So far as the Preemptive strikes thing goes, many of us (myself included) expand that to include ‘Preventative’. Meaning to stamp out latent threats before they’re imminent.

And then there’s Regime Change. We as a faction of the LP do not in any sense support unprovoked acts of Democracy Promotion or Nation Building. We as a faction of the LP we’d rather bring a large majority of US troops home from their victory while leaving a few thousand behind to oversee the rise of Free Markets and Free Trade in what used to be enemy land.

Mainly, neolibertarians like me are the Nothing Less Than Victory types when it comes to how we want the US military to go about ending an actual threat.


I gotta admit I have a legion of respects for this faction of the LP. Matter a fact, these are the guys who got me changing the perspective I oppose Anti-War activism from. And changing for the betterment of the LP, at that! However, because I respect Objectivists so much, I must be honest that they are far more of their own movement. Basically there are few Objectivists I am aware of by name within the LP. Who they are is the people who take the platform of Ayn Rand Institute and import it into its own faction of the LP.


The resident anti-immigration types in the LP. Well, not anti-immigration but rather anti-open-borders. Don’t get me wrong, as a neolibertarian my faction and I favor the Ellis Island border policy that minarchist Austin pushed in 2016! However the paleolibertarians, like Rebel Media leader Lauren Southern would be classed as if she were in the US Libertarian Party, oppose open borders and open immigration. In other words, the paleolibertarian faction confuses this distinction between open immigration vs open borders exactly like the Libertarian National Chairmen do, but with opposite intentions.

Something else I want to mention is these guys are the leading voice for Just War Theory, mostly. Basically, these are the faction who I see as more often naive than not on a foreign policy level.

What any of this means for Zoltan and Mark

Frankly these two have their own factions of the LP. I have some opinions in common with both, and I have things I disagree with one or the other on. Basically what matters in 2018 is making sure Libertarian Partiers of all factions become state governors that year. That’s really it.

Is that ‘Big Challenge’ in Syria Assad or is it Islamic Totalitarians?

Medieval city in Aleppo, Syria
The city of Aleppo in what looks like Medieval Syria

In Syria, Iconic parts of Aleppo are being destroyed by both sides.

But wait! Both sides of what? A civil war? Frankly, yes it is both sides of a civil war. Specifically, the country of Syria is being fought over by two ‘big challenge‘ forces. Basically, these two teams are the forces of Bashar Assad and the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism. However, there are many questions to ask, and indeed answer. All of these must come before asking questions of what to do and why. Also, we need to not only think before we act. But also research and maybe even strategize before acting.

What kind of ruler is Bashar al-Assad?

From all that can be gathered, Assad rules his country in a way with no room at all for political rights or for civil liberties. Cato Institute also catches Assad being the 4th most tyrannical ruler in a human freedom overall. Also, they find that Assad causes routine famine and poverty in his land by stifling economic freedom in Syria to the level of 13 lowest on Earth. Basically, he is quick and routine to benefit from regional instability just as Saddam Hussein was.

Plus, evidence suggests that Bashar Assad is a state sponsor of terrorism. Specifically, Syria is a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian acts of terror. Mainly, it is worth noting that Syria is the 2nd lead sponsor of an Islamic Totalitarian militia called Hezbollah. Only Iran sponsors them more prolifically.

What is the Islamic Totalitarian movement?

Basically, the ideology of Islamic Totalitarianism is the ideology that motivated the atrocity of 9/11. Therefore, it’s the one that provoked the ‘War’ on Terror. Generally, what it calls for is enslavement of the entire human species to despotic rule. And it’s despotic rule based on a purist intake of the Islamic faith.

Its top four sponsors, in order from most to least voracious; are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

What is the job of the US Military?

In short, the job of the US military is not to impose democracy or even laissez-faire onto other nations. This magazine explains it perfectly, in its analysis of Rand Paul foreign policy.

Government’s job is to protect people from force globally; and from force, fraud and theft locally.

How does this apply to addressing Syria?

Often, I take to this online self analysis quiz called iSideWith. And one of the answers I give that lands me at 89% libertarian (and 79% Libertarian Party) every time is over whether to topple Assad. Basically, I think on how much less prolific Syrian sponsorship of Islamic Totalitarianism is than Iran, Pakistan, and mainly Saudi Arabia. Frankly this leads me to think the US military needs to make Saudi Arabia target number 1 for wiping of Islamic Totalitarianism from the world. To me; Pakistan, Iran and Syria need be secondary, tertiary and quaternary target; respectively.

We Need to Repeal the United Nations and not let anyone replace it

Vetoed United Nations appointee
To the left is Nikki Haley, to the right is Salam Fayyad

Nikki Haley plays a heroine by vetoing a United Nations act of villainy!

Beautiful news, humanity! The United States has recently vetoed a United Nations decision to appoint a former Arab League sponsor of terrorism to vocalize Libya! Frankly, this is a total victory for the forces of Individual Liberty! Specifically, this is because the United Nations was founded on bitter resentment of freedom. Basically, the evidence for this is the fact that the Soviet Union was one of the key founders. In other words, the UN was specifically crafted to try to wreck US legitimacy abroad and to give blatantly tyrannical regimes  imaginary ‘authority’ on global issues.

Okay, time for me to start with names and analysis. Basically, Nikki Haley is a libertarian-leaning conservative who happens to be governor of South Carolina. Also, she’s the specific person who claimed this great victory for Individual Liberty by vetoing the UN’s decision. She’s a heroine for vetoing the UN decision to appoint someone who ruled an Arab League proxy army from 2007 to 2013, someone called Salam Fayyad.

There’s no such thing as “Palestinian Refugees” or “Palestinian Civilians”

How can someone claim to cherish individual liberty and economic freedom, yet extend endless sympathy to a blatantly authoritarian proxy army? That’s all the Palestinians are! They are nothing but a proxy army. Well, self correction here, two proxy armies. One of them, Hamas, is a proxy army of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, their main rival Hezbollah is Iran’s.

Basically you won’t find any Palestinians who are not Islamic Totalitarians. In other words, all Palestinians believe in and act on systemic hostility to individual liberty.

What should the United States do next?

The United States should unilaterally abolish the United Nations. Basically, to do this, the United States must demolish the UN headquarters. Next, the US needs to use economic and diplomatic means to make it impossible for the UN to set up new headquarters elsewhere on Earth. That way individual liberty will be back to having the global upper hand again.

Iran Is Still an Islamic Statist Regime, Despite arresting Islamic Statists

The chiefs of Iran
Iran’s government officials making military plans

Iran recently arrested some Islamic Statists for trying to shred an Iranian civil ceremony.

A short time ago, the Islamic State known as Iran has arrested some Islamic Statists sponsored by one of its neighbors. However, it is not clear which of its neighbors sent them. Basically, if you don’t know, they are a big time sponsor of Jihadi terror. Frankly, they’re the 3rd largest sponsor of terrorism to only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Specifically, they’re a theocratic oligarchy posing as a republic and who forces politicized Shia Islam onto its people. However, they are the only Islamic State that thrives on Shia nationalism. Generally, all other Islamic States, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, thrive on Sunni nationalism.

What do I mean by Sunni and Shia nationalism?

Basically, there are two main sectors of the Islamic faith, Sunni and Shia. The divide between the two is over whether Islam prophet and Koran author Muhammad chose an intellectual heir. Frankly, what I have gathered, Sunnis are the ones saying yes while Shias are the ones saying no. But what of the contrast between the religious nationalisms?

According to the behavior of Iran vs the behavior of other Islamic States, there’s very little contrast. Sunni nationalists are the Islamic Statists who want to turn the entire planet into an authoritarian monarchy. Meanwhile, their Shia counterparts are those who want to make our planet an authoritarian oligarchy. Other than this, both sides of the Islamic Statist movement want to make our planet our a unitary Islamic Theocracy.

How do Iran and its fellow Islamic States spread Islamic Statism?

Looking at the World Fact Book, Islamic Statists finance themselves and each other by being a petroleum culture. Broadly, more of an all of the above brand of Fossil Fuel culture. Granted, they have other industries they as theocracies sustain themselves with, but fossil fuel does almost all of the sustaining.

Should the American military do anything?

Depends! What is the job of the US Military? Basically, the job of the US military is to defend human beings in general from Initiations of Force. Specifically, initiations of force that are done for political and religious goals with nothing to do with defense. And in regard to how to address Iran, it is obviously no different. Incessantly, Iran has asserted openly that they are obsessed on doing the initiation of force for the religious (non-defensive) goal of making the globe a theocratic big-government oligarchy.

So far as I can tell, to defeat any Islamic Statist regime, whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran; I say we need to recycle an American Civil War policy. Specifically, we need the US military to take General Sherman’s policy toward Slavery South plantation economics and apply it to Islamic Theocracy fossil fuel economics.

Top Fed Reserve member Quits, Excellent news for banks!

whats wrong with central banking
Federal Reserve member quits banking!

Banking on its way to freedom due to federal reserve shrinking over bank deregulation!

Gorgeous news, other people! Recently, the federal reserve just lost one of its top workers due to much needed bank deregulation! Frankly, this is ultimate beauty for human progress toward ultimate individual freedom! However, this is only the start of a walk up the right path. Basically one may be reading this and asking ‘what happened?’, and the answer is easy. Daniel Tarullo, an obstructionist of individual sovereignty over one’s own finances, resigned after 7 years of central planning. From 2007 to 2009 he was one of the many culprits of the giant crash that happened then. Thankfully, there is a case to be made now better than ever for Ending the Fed!

In Defense of Free Banking

Basically, the most stable system of banks in all of human history was done in Scotland. Specifically, this system was between 1715 and 1845. Twas three central banks with small accountability, and legions of private banks with huge accountability. Therefore, banks were mutually accepting each others’ currencies, and banking on planet Earth had never been more sane than elsewhere on Earth or in history. However, there is the question of how this can be applied to American banking in the Digital Age. Basically we need to analyze what banking is like in the Digital Age before we can answer that.

Banking of the Digital Age in the United States

Overall, the amount of banks and currencies, even payment methods, that spawned after the birth of the Internet… are legion. Here is a simple list of Digital Age contributions to banking.

  1. PayPal and its Bill Me Later credit cards
  2. BitCoin
  3. Stripe
  4. Google Wallet
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Crypto Currency
  7. Virtual Currency
  8. Amazon’s Rewards credit cards

Okay, now let’s look at who’s allowed to make governmental currency. The Constitution makes it pretty clear that only Congress can issue American Dollars, not a federal reserve.

What concrete policy is there to enact then?

Firstly, make it a Bill to be voted in favor of by 60% or more of Congress. Then the president must sign it to go into effect shortly after signing. Okay, but what about the contents of the Bill? Well, call it the ‘Scottish Banking Lessons for America Act‘. Frankly my advise for such an act is to write it to declare that “The Federal Reserve shall be shut down during or before the 2020 national election”, for starters.

Then have the next sentences be “All private banks and banking sectors of internet servers, from now on, have the freedom to issue their own currencies. However, banks are utterly not free to break the laws of supply and demand or to break the golden rule or else those that do will lose this freedom”. And have how many years a bank who breaks these easiest rules ever goes without this freedom match the number of different ways in which they broke these no-brainer rules. Long story short, no other legislation needed here!

US Military Faces Need to Raise its Budget and its Wages

Military Pilots
Couple of US Military Pilots

American Military may need to raise budget and wages due to demand surpassing supply.

WOW! The US Military has recently gotten perhaps the most organic lesson in economics I have seen them learn! Specifically, they are experiencing more demand for their service than they can supply. Basically this means the US military will have to raise its own budget, setting aside what Congress or Donald Trump or anyone else says. How is this an accurate assumption about US defense funding? Frankly there are many factors we have to account for in this analysis. Firstly there is the fact that a free and therefore stable economy is one that works within the rules of supply and demand. Basically when there is more demand than supply, then budgets, profits and wages all go above averages. However, if there is less demand than supply, the opposite happens, going below averages. Lastly if demand equals supply, then all of these match what’s monetarily normal.

Congress must let the US Armed Force fund itself!

Although Congress has the authority to change the defense budget every two years, they do not have the authority to do anything about the rules of supply and demand. Frankly, the US military has proven it can efficiently fund itself without taxes. The best example for this claim of mine is the Toys for Tots charity the US Marines do at least every winter. However this is not the only way the US Armed Force can fund itself. Also consider that lotteries tend to be the most popular means for non tax revenue among government programs. And please do not blindly believe me on this, think of Connecticut state lottery instead. Plus, out of individualism, I suspect there are plenty of US generals willing to open State Owned Enterprises such as military history museums.

Should Royalty deals be made for the US military?

Of course! For example, I will be more than happy to cut a royalty deal with the US military regarding my graphic novels. Once I get the mythology for them patented, I’ll lend them a decent share of every profit I make. Plus, this is how I plan to famish the Internal Revenue Service on a one man basis. Matter a fact, I have other plans for my other for-profit hobbies as well, for ending the IRS.

Therefore, if I have any Americans reading this who got Asperger’s like I got, then I advise onto you. Make royalty deals with out national defense and/or with state and local government services. Because this is how those of us who are giant nerds like me Make Taxation Theft Again.

What can the US military do to grow how peopled it is?

Frankly, US strategists and tacticians can expand the pool of qualified volunteers. Basically these strategists and tacticians do this by opening classrooms that are about the science, history, and/or philosophy of military affairs. However, such classrooms cannot be funded through taxation or other coercive means. Instead, these guys and gals should charge user fees and rental fees for the students. Basically the students who give their best effort will pass such classes. Therefore, the passing students will be the ones who qualify to voluntarily sign up for military service.

Kosovo and Serbia cannot afford war with each other

Kosovo Excavation
Excavators in Kosovo tearing down the Serbian wall

Kosovo and Serbia cannot afford war with each other, here’s why.

So, there’s rumors floating around over how Serbia might handle Kosovo unmaking a Serbian border wall. Specifically, the rumor that’s making me analyze this news is a rumor of the 2 taking up arms on each other. Basically, I’m making a case for these two nations setting this wall thing aside. Both of these nations have bigger problems to worry about. Also, many of these bigger problems require teamwork between these nations. For these two to slay over a border wall would make their shared problems worse. However, allow me to state where I am with border policy. For all nations, I think the proper migrant policy is total freedom of movement with Ellis Island model border controls. Okay, onto my case.

1. Serbia is, mostly, a free society

According to Cato Institute, Serbia is a freer society than even our OECD friend known as Turkey. Broadly speaking, Serbia also has mixed feelings about America. Frankly, most Serbians hate American government but love American society and American people. Often, its been said that their hostility to US federal government is due to NATO breakup of Yugoslavia.

2. Kosovo is hotly against Islamic Statism

Frankly, 80% of Kosovo strongly rejects the ideology of Islamic Statism. Plus, Kosovo is right there with Albania and Bosnia in standing against it. Basically most of the people their would rather their country be a free society with limited government. However, Cato makes the mistake of not reporting the status of Liberty in Kosovo, and instead I must turn to other sources.

Generally, this is a nation that has midsize civil liberty added with the 13 highest ease of doing commerce. Also, their economy is slightly more free market than planned market.

3. Both nations share a mutual enemy known as Islamic Statism.

Apparently Serbia built the border wall to keep out Islamic Statists. However, the fatal flaw in that intent is most of Kosovo is against Islamic Statism. Plus, both nations are hostile to this enemy ideology, and for these two to fight each other would only give their mutual foe an upper hand against both societies.