How Trump Warning Iran Will Backfire, What We The People must do.

Dictator of Iran
Hassan Rouhani; the proxy dictator of Iran, whose nation is the third largest sponsor of Jihadi terrorism at present.

Donald Trump has warned Iran against nuking anything.

When it comes to Iran, they are a massive state sponsor of Jihadi terrorism. However, Donald Trump is here to… command them to behave better or else. Yeah, allow me to dig into this in order for my fellow Connecticut Libertarian Partiers to know the facts.

Firstly, Hassan Rouhani is the current proxy dictator of Iran. As for the nation itself, its a theocratic big government statist regime. Specifically, it is a Shia-Islamic religious fanatic regime with rigged elections. Broadly speaking, its politics are based directly on the ideology of Islamic Statism. Also known to the Ayn Rand Institute folks as Islamic Totalitarianism. Matter a fact, the terror militias that they sponsor are legions of Islamic Statists. Several Islamic Statist troop types make up, in essence, the Iranian military. The legion known as the ‘Quds’ is this regime’s equal to the Nazi Vaffen SS, meaning they’re the elite of Iranian Islamic Statist elite.

Freedom and Liberty in Iran (there is none)

Cato Institute has found that Iran is perhaps the worst nation ever in human freedom. Worse yet, this nation is the 6th lowest country in the world [of 160] for the economic freedoms that are byproducts of Laissez Faire capitalism. Plus, the same think tank also finds that Iran buys weapons from secular dictators and resells them to Islamic Statist militias. Granted, they mostly equip much of this weaponry to their official military, but their official military is also Islamic Statists.

What Threat is this regime to Americans?

From leading its people to weekly chants of ‘Death to Americans‘ to keeping the 33rd highest funded and 8th most peopled military. Basically this regime is a latent threat who’s proved in posture that it wants to kill all Americans. When it comes to fellow libertarians, Utah Senator Mike Lee knows the danger of Iran better than maybe anyone else in the Federal Gov right now. And if we just go with commanding them to quit nuclear, their posture is proof they will use their military against We The People of the United States of America.

How do we address this latent threat?

Firstly we can start by getting Congress to approve US military retaliation against Iran. Secondly the military needs to totally destroy every Legitimate Military Target under enemy control. Meanwhile our troops need to include any and all enemy government workers and properties as LMTs. After the swift victory is claimed, we need to bring a huge majority of troops home while a few thousand stay there to foster the growth of Capitalism.


Mr. Trump Officially Sucks at Defending the Libertarian World

Australian PM - Sorry for my 45th's FAIL at defending you.
Malcolm Turnbull granting a speech somewhere in urban Australia

Donald J. Trump officially sucks at defending the honest & simple Libertarian world

Good god, says this atheist. There goes Donald Trump again. This time he’s falsely accusing the Australian president of sponsoring a second Boston Bombing. However, the US and Australia have historically had beautiful relations. Basically this nation to nation beauty ranged from trading with each other to defending each other. Also it ranged from being in on OECD together to bilaterally defending the Asia Pacific from the wrath of General Hideki Tojo.

Electoral Disclaimer

No, this is totally and utterly not a claim that Hillary would have been better or even less bad. Just because I am calling Trump out on something he’s doing wrong does not make me a shill for Hillary.  In fact, I very strongly backed someone called Austin Petersen against both of these during Spring of 2016. Also you need to go to my ‘What I Believe Who I Am‘ page to learn my exact views. Now I am going to assume I have deterred the impulsive ones, so let’s move on to talking the actual topic. Friends defending each other instead of smearing each other.

Trump Threatens How Australians and Americans look at each other

Gallup finds that I am one of 92% of Americans who views Australia as an honest friend. On the flip side, Pew Global finds that 66% of Australians see us the same way. Not to mention, Australia has been one of our top truest friends and allies in fighting Islamic Statism. And they have a lovely record of defending us and us doing the same for them. Frankly this is a record that spans back to World War Two’s Pacific front. Plus, the Australians thoughts about the Boston Bombing can be summed up by this screen cap I took.

Donald Trump ignores the above because of the filth he adheres to called Populism.

Defending Friends does not require treaties, but does require empathy

Proving he has no concept of empathy, Trump goes and claims the lie he claimed to provoke this post from me over a treaty. However, the truth about friendship between nations is identical to the truth about it between humans. Just as people need empathy and mutual likes instead of treaties to be friends, so too do nations need mutual likes and not treaties for friendship. Of course, we live under a president who cannot accept this fact of diplomacy. Trump is really testing my patience with the American electorate.

And I pledged to not do blanket hatred to the entire American electorate. Trump’s taste in friends overseas is eroding my ability to keep my pledge and it’s not even time to vote Yes or No on re-electing him yet.

From jacking up friendliness with obvious enemies to throwing horrific false claims at obvious friends, here is where I am now drawing the line. If Trump says anything false about Liberty in Israel, and specifically the subject of Liberty, then I will openly hate and smear 100% of the American electorate forever. Democrats and Republicans.

Trump allies with Islamic Totalitarian Heartland Saudi Arabia!

Saudi King = Satan Incarnate [metaphorically]
Islamic Totalitarian movement grandmaster Salman of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world. And all Trump can do is ally with them!?

Donald Trump has decided to ally with Saudi Arabia against Iran, as a move to ‘win’ against Islamic Totalitarianism. Wait, what!? So far as I am concerned this is the dumbest move Donald Trump has ever made over this enemy ideology. However, Iran is truly also a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian terror. Basically Iran uses every penny of money it gets from anyone to be the second biggest sponsor ever of Jihadi terror. Mainly, though, Saudi Arabia is the principle sponsor of Jihadi terrorism. Notably, Iran and Pakistan are tied for second biggest sponsors. But, as for Saddam’s Iraq and Assad’s Syria, their state sponsorship of Jihad was drastically minor in comparison. Conversely, Islamic Statist lands, where ‘Sharia’ applies in full, are much larger sponsors of Jihadi terror than secular tyrannies like Syria.

But, didn’t we grow Islamic Statism by ending Saddam?

No. Saddam’s Iraq was actually a state sponsor of many terror groups. However, far more of these were Arab nationalist and very few of them were Islamic nationalist. But, as far as Gaddafi in Libya goes, he quit sponsoring terrorism as preventive surrender to us. And he did so as his reaction to the 2003 end of Saddam. But hey, so did Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, for this matter! Back then, in 2003, Mubarak and Gaddafi were both scared mindless, and so severed all their ties to Islamic Statism!

Saudi Arabian ties to the 9/11 Attacks

This is a kingdom who puts its pilgrims up to sponsoring of Jihadi terrorism. Plus, this kingdom also embeds Jihadi ideology into every Mosque it builds outside of itself. Since 2007 there have been ambassadors acutely aware of Saudi sponsorship of the Islamic Statist movement! Apparently, the Saudis finance the Islamic Statist movement with the profits they make off fossil fuel.

Don’t other Islamic States also Sponsor Jihadi terror?

Yes, of course they do! Frankly are you’re curious which nations have latent Jihad abilities and have shown in posture they want to wage Jihad on us? Well, then ask oneself How many countries do Sharia Law? This way, you may get a list of countries that are the ones with at least a latent Jihad ability. It’s the ones whose names are bolded in the Google search result, there.

What should the US military do instead?

The US military should take it upon itself to get Congress to authorize an independent US military annihilation of Islamic Statist ideology at its source. Basically, take a Nothing Other Than Victory approach to these enemies. Meaning that at least half a million US troops should take an approach that exerts total destruction of any and all Legitimate Military Targets. However, this approach should also include any and all government employment workers and workplaces as Legit Military Targets. But am I missing anything? Why yes I am, Saudi Arabia needs to be the primary target. Meanwhile; Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brunei, Qatar, Yemen and even Mauritania should be secondary targets.

And after victory in each case?

Yeah, after we have destroyed these enemy governments, we need to go by the following steps in each nation.

  1. Bring home a giant majority of the US troops
  2. Leave behind roughly 5000 in each nation
  3. Have the troops who stay behind foster the growth of capitalism in the foreign land

Neil Gorsuch: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown.

Neil Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch speaking about a constitutional issue

Let’s Analyze Neil Gorsuch, the current Supreme Court Pick.

Recently, there has been commentary on supreme court pick Neil Gorsuch about voluntary euthanasia. However, one must not jump to conclusions simply because he is strongly against allowing it. Perhaps that is one bad trait in a legion of bad traits aside a legion of good traits. Frankly, there is no better time than this particular week to debate and discuss the nominee. Whenever I review something or in this case someone, my order is talk bad traits first, then good traits, then final verdict. I am going to use this page and others to prove his views and I am going to use other pages to justify my opposition to some and support of others. I will add a 1 to his score for positives, a 0 for unknowns and a 0 for negatives.

The Unknown Traits

  1. This nominee’s immigration opinion is not well known outside of his brain. But, what I do know is we need Ellis Island model border control and no other border controls.
  2. We so far know absolutely nothing about his foreign policy and national defense views. Maybe this may not be all that relevant?

The Bad Traits

  1. He does not seem to recognize a line at Viability outside the womb. Instead he appears to aspire to sign his opinion on abortion legality into law.
  2. Gorsuch has not been clear about the moral necessity of Marriage Privatization. Instead he claims to be no fan of ‘litigation’, whatever he means by that.

The Good Traits

  1. He Opposes tax dollar funding of Planned Parenthood. My hope is that by this he means he wants to totally privatize it, but I suspect to be wrong.
  2. Gorsuch desires a textualist application of Amendment 2. Now he needs to pledge to the same for Amendments 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24, and 26.
  3. He favors legalizing medical weed, but only so far as he wants the medical weed issue decided state by state.
  4. Gorsuch is strongly in favor of term limits for Congress, and for all politicians as well. Meaning to me he favors ending corruption and maybe wants to end corporatism.
  5. From what can be seen here, the nominee also opposes economic regulation and social criminalization alike. This is lovely news for libertarians of all 10 kinds!
  6. Gorsuch is also extremely against setting limits to Due Process and to the Presumption of Innocence.
  7. On gay rights and gender equality, Gorsuch seems to support these from within the 14th amendment, i.e. equal treatment under the law.

Final Verdict

I impose, onto nominee Gorsuch, a grade of 64%, which in my way of reviewing means I am generally Mixed about the guy. My grading style is based on the Metacritic grading line.

Nonintervention is Special Snowflake foreign policy, mostly.

snowflake meme

Snowflake think (like an SJW) in most libertarians? Call it Non-Interventionism.

Snowflake. This is not a normal article for a solidly libertarian journalism hub! But this topic about snowflake think is something I wanted to get out there on this hub of mine as soon as can be. Frankly, I am doing this piece in reply to this case against Trump’s not needed travel ban. However, I must do a brief, actually no, colorful disclaimer before I dig into this snowflake issue.

I am still a ‘card carrying’ Libertarian the same sense that Dave Rubin, who I greatly respect, is still a ‘card carrying’ liberal. Please, allow me to give examples.

  • Proudly, I support free markets, free trade, and rules of supply and demand under free enterprise.
  • Happily, I support the US constitution, the rule of law, and the concept of indirect democracy.
  • Gleefully, I support freedom of choice in food, in clothing, and all-around in lifestyle
  • Boastfully, I support privatizing marriage, charity, and social security
  • Lovingly, I support both gay rights and gun rights, while opposing both political correctness and patriotic correctness.
  • Equally, I support both free banking and the gold standard.
  • Radically, I back ideas like replacing all taxation with Non-tax Revenue. And also replacing all regulation with the golden rule.

Okay, now I am going to assume all the Non-interventionist snowflake pacifists and America-haters are gone. And give a number of reasons for my opinion on the Principle of Non-intervention. This is a principle that…

1. Openly hates every US soldier.

Grossly, the ‘principle’ of Non-intervention trains my party of individualists to do a kind of collectivism. Namely, an angry, emotional snowflake brand of group think that is about blanket hate to all US troops. Thankfully, fellow LP voter and comedian Doug Stanhope avoids this group think. Basically, Doug acts a true libertarian by judging US soldiers on an individual basis. And as an American who votes Libertarian, I judge US soldiers on an individual basis too! Sadly, though, most libertarians engage in this blanket hate of all US troops. Snowflake virtue who agrees with VenomLeaks aka WikiLeaks on everything.

2. Treats the American people as the giant evil of Earth.

Of course, Non-intervention tends to invoke an SJW snowflake element. Take Blowback toxin as I call it and its fetish for victim blaming on innocent Americans. In short, the bold and bare faced lie that Islamic Totalitarians attacked We The People because we voted for cultural imperialist rulers. Blowback is a cancer on the libertarian movement and Libertarian Party. Frankly, that’s because it trains us to think anyone who disagrees with cultural relativism is an evil person. However, truth is that cultural relativism is trashy and can be debunked by numbers, even numbers from Cato Institute.

3. Erodes a free society’s right of self-defense.

Frankly, a free society is nothing like a Dictatorship mentally. Dictatorships are cesspits that openly attack libertarian values and therefore have no rights. Yet, here comes Non-intervention to get libertarians thinking a tyranny has ‘rights’ to sovereignty. On top of this, Non-intervention claims that a free society should cooperate with a tyranny and be friends with it. True libertarians will see this as the most immoral standard of diplomacy ever. Lastly, Non-intervention demands a free society to avoid defending innocent life and to instead obsess over only defending one’s property.

4. Obsesses over soft crimes by free societies. While censoring facts about hard crimes by tyrannies.

Largely, there is a legion of examples of Non-intervention loving to teach hatred of free societies. And also loving to teach sympathy for blatant tyrannies. The very first one I am eager to name is the venom that Non-intervention spews into libertarian minds about Israel vs Arab League. Because frankly, how do you sympathize with a proxy army? That’s all Palestinians are is a proxy army, there’s no such thing as “they’re hurting  Palestinian civilians”! As in a proxy army that Saudi Arabia owns half of with Iran as master of the other half of. Then there is Saddam Hussein. While censoring facts about his liberty abuses because Non-intervention told them to, ‘libertarians’ fetishize some drastically less hurtful abuses by some corrupt US military individuals that were harshly punished. Also because Non-intervention told them to.

Look, I can go on forever against Non-intervention and how it is snowflake think but there are much gander things for me to comment on!

12 Keys to Government Revenue in a Neolibertarian society

Benrie Snaders speaking truth to revenue??
Thank you fellow Lovers of Liberty for this meme!

Revenue cannot be raised by taxation, at least not anymore.

After getting out of my work load of today, I browsed around for some news reports to reply to. Luckily, I was able to find this one about 3 different ways a poor dude like me can reduce one’s own taxes. Yeah, I have a dose of reality for Forbes about to occur. Raising revenue by taxation is to raise it by theft, which is a property crime. However, there are legit arguments to make about taxation being extortion instead of theft. Unless you factor in the IRS and how sometimes they arrest folks for ‘tax evasion’, then taxation is extortion. If we look at private markets, then we note that they’re only allowed to raise revenue by voluntary payments. Time to explain 12 ways to build government finances in a neolibertarian society.

Before We Begin; what’s a ‘neolibertarian’?

In essence, a neolibertarian like me is a fiscal libertarian who supports a strong military capability. But it also means I support using that military to passionately defend and promote laissez faire capitalism. It is quite a contrast to mainstream libertarian opinion. Frankly, that’s because (I’d say) about 3/5 of the Libertarian Party & movement are what I call Anti-Defense. Plus the reasons they give appear to be all about denying painful realities. Therefore, neolibertarianism is what drove me to start this analysis hub.

1. Lotteries

Gamblers! Ever wonder what those lotteries you always go to are, almost entirely? Yeah, those are basically non-tax revenue tools of Connecticut and other State level regimes. Please, allow me to use my own state’s lottery as an example. Connecticut, as my state, uses the ‘CT Lottery’ to fund services I see right in my town. These include Cheshire Public Library, Cheshire Public Schools, other Cheshire public services and other CT towns’ equivalents too!

2. Fundraisers

You know how sometimes you’ll drive around in the summer and you’ll see people offering car wash service? And how most of the time it is to raise money for a certain humane cause? Lovably, that makes fundraisers the best way ever to attract voluntary donations! Meaning… gleefully paid tributary dollars to the government.

3. User Fees

Question! Are you, reader(s), planning on traveling interstate for any reason? If so, then get ready to pay toll booths as those are user fees. Basically, user fees are also prices charged by the government for things like airports.

4. Permit Fees

Ethically, charging money for passports and for work visas makes far more sense then laying and collecting taxes. This is moral revenue as it stems from people wanting to do all it takes to travel into foreign lands. Not to mention, there is a consistent reliability with Work Visas as they need to be renewed every so often.

5. Criminal Fines

On one hand, the only crimes that do, or should, count as crimes are ones that constitute fraud, force or theft. However, that does not mean government shouldn’t fine perps very expensively for such crimes. Instead fining perps callously high prices for fraud, force or theft is actually a human rights-enforcing way to raise revenue!

6. Royalty Deals

I’m an aspiring novelist, with Medieval-like Dark Fantasy being my chosen genre. Therefore I’d love to make a deal with the US military where I agree to give them 12% royalties from my mythology’s revenue if they agree to have their employers, the feds, not tax me! And that’s a personalized example of how government can do good off of royalties.

7. Concession Deals

PEOPLE! Ever wonder what kind of revenue water supply is for government? Specifically, it is a type of a ‘concession’ deal. Therefore it is a deal wherein the government grants assets or other property to one or more specific individuals. However, the granting of concessions does not happen all that often outside of the European Union, as far as this neolibertarian (me) can tell.

8. Rental Deals

Honestly I am aspiring to begin college by the first day of 2017’s Autumn season. Which is why I do not believe in using taxation to pay for public education. Rather, I see public education as something to be funded by rental deals. However, there is the question of who the government ought to make rental deals with. If it were up to me, I’d say they have to make rental deals with the parents, and at college level with the students.

9. Asset Sales

But wait! What is an asset in economics? Okay, an asset is basically a resource that can be sold for revenue and in this case a government can raise it by selling various assets. However, I do need to give an example of an asset! Let’s say civil servants were selling raw lumber, of all assets. Likely, they’d be selling plenty of legit supply of a raw material to make plenty of valid revenue.

10. Endowments

Basically endowments are donations of any property, monetary or otherwise, to a nonprofit to sustain it. For example, if I had flawless emeralds I wanted to donate to the US military for free, they’d be able to sell it to someone who’s into emeralds to raise revenue!

11. State Owned Enterprises

Okay, if the private sector has to play by the rules of supply and demand paired with the golden rule, government should have to as well. Which is why my advise for Connecticut’s next governor is this. Open a state owned enterprise to fund CT state universities and such instead of taxing anything! I say the same to the feds and the other 49 states, too.

12. War Reparations

Perhaps the most relevant way to a military to fund that military, and fund vets, without taxation. In this sense, war reparations are compensation funds paid by a defeated tyranny to a neolibertarian society. Basically, these funds are to pay for damages done by the tyranny to the neolibertarian society. Both monetary and human damages, that is.

Attorney General Fired Over a Simple Question?

Her question lead her to opposing exec orders.
Attorney general opposing executive orders

Attorney General fired over a question relevant to the US Constitution.

So Donald Trump has recently fired the Attorney General for asking a question of whether his refugee ban is constitutional. However, this attorney general’s side of the story are not without error. Frankly, it’s because she acted on a question without bothering to search the constitution for an answer. This article first gives the answer to the unanswered. Then I’ll dig into whether or not executive orders can ever be justified. And then I will allow you to think over this news analysis in your own line of thinking.

Constitutionality of Executive Orders.

So far as I am concerned, you are free to download a PDF of the Constitution here. Knowing I use a MacBook pro, I actually did ‘Command + F’ and typed ‘executive order’. The results I got looked like this.

answer to question of exec orders
Honest answer to the question of executive orders

What does that even mean? Honestly, it means that executive orders are always crimes as in they’re power abuses. Does this mean Obama and previous presidents have done crimes too, by this reckon? Yes.

There is an easily useful table graph on Forbes about how abusive various Industrial and Digital Age presidents have been. Barack Obama has issued 37 executive orders in 8 years, Bush Jr. issued roughly as many at 36. The biggest constitution abuser in US history was Harry Truman, of all presidents! Truman issued over 113 executive orders in his 8 years.

Can Executive Orders be justified?

Well, allow me to ask you this. If James Madison, author of our constitution, were here today, would he support executive orders? No, he would not.

Instead the only justifiable refugee control policy is, at least on a migration level, is to let Congress make one. Legally, congress is allowed to make one by debating first and then voting Yes or No from their individual points of view. Then they send the idea that gets the most Yes votes to Trump. Next, Trump is supposed to either sign or veto the refugee policy.

The question of ethical and moral migrant policy

Which, if turned to me, my answer would be one with a historic case to make for it. Luckily, this case is well within US history, making it easier to argue for than, say, free banking. Personally, as an atheist, I assure you my Irish Catholic migrant ancestors came here through Ellis Island. And they has to pass the toughest criminal and medical background checks in US history, and when they did they were free to formally apply for citizenship but were not granted amnesty. And they were most thankfully not kept out by a stupidly expensive thing like a wall. In fact, some time ago, I called on a fellow Libertarian Partier (I recently joined my CT state level party) Andrew Napolitano to rule this Ellis Island policy as the only moral, legal, & constitutional border control.

Trump Cuts Economic Regulation 75%, A Step in a proper path

Trump vs regulation
The Donald is greeting someone before cutting regulation…

Regulation has been slashed 75% recently!

Amazingly, Donald Trump has been doing exactly what he pledged to do, for this time he has reduced regulation to 25% of its former self! Initially, the Donald has decided he wants to remove two old regulations for every new one added. So what exactly makes this decision by President Trump one of his good decisions? And has he pulled off this heroic outcome by rule of law based means? Or should he have done it differently? Time to dig in!

What Makes This Action Heroic?

Basically, there has been study after study done on this topic. Reason Magazine finds that larger regulatory burden means less prosperity for all. Shockingly, small business suffer worse than big corporations do, which is why Trump is singling out small business for loss of regulations. Nearly $11,000 per worker is paid by small business for annual compliance cost. Bombastically this is in contrast to the $8,000 per worker paid by big corporations in annual compliance cost. As for the ordinary workers like myself, regulation costs the average dude or chick 23% of one’s income. For me, this means I have to fork over $2415 annually, no wonder my net pay is smaller than I often predict it will be week by week!

Should Trump have addressed regulation differently?

According to the US Constitution, he absolutely should have cut regulation differently than he did. Specifically, Article 1 Section 7 declares an official legislative process for the president to follow. Easily, one can summarize the constitutional way to address regulation like this.

  1. Senator or Houseman proposes bill to amend the constitution to make the rules of supply and demand the only regulations of economy
  2. Majority of Senators and of Housemen vote Yes on such a 28th Amendment bill
  3. Unconditional Economic Freedom amendment bill goes to White House
  4. President Trump signs the voted-for bill to amend the constitution to ban economic regulation
  5. Merchants and workers like me proser better than ever before in US history


Bill Gates hinting at support for Green capitalism?

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, founder & owner of Microsoft

Bill Gates gave a speech indicating he might be… a Green capitalist?

The multi billionaire behind Microsoft, Xbox 360 and Windows 7; Bill Gates; has recently discussed climate change at a college. The deeply charitable human has made remarks against climate change denial that sound a little, at least to me, like Green Capitalism. But what exactly is green capitalism? Frankly, it is a point of view whose official name is Eco-Capitalism, but what does it say? Okay, Eco-Capitalism is a free market claim that profit depends ecological stability to exist. Also, this claim asserts that the only regime tools that can help the environment are market tools.

Giving Examples of such Market Tools

Easily the best example to give of these tools is Cap and Trade. Basically cap and trade is a policy of imposing a carbon emissions allowance that includes a right to do ’emissions trading’. The whole intention is to provide incentives to voluntarily move on to green energies. Bill Gates though notes that computer science and biology these days could lead to “profound innovation”, despite making no mention of government involvement.

What do I make of all of this?

Honestly, I agree with Gates on this issue of acting market based pushes to cleaning the atmosphere. But on the other hand, I do not know if he is exactly a ‘green capitalist’ per se. Not to mention, my proposal about sensible energy policy differs from green capitalism itself.

Something I would rather our nearly perfect nation do is a sort of multi step process. For starters, I’d rather we get rid of all subsidies and create a total Separation of Economy and State. Next, I’d like to see the Environmental Protection Agency made so small that all they can ever do is class pollution and littering as property crimes. Why am I such a minimalist on desirable government power? Because, in total honesty, the only categories that behaviors worth punishing fall into is Fraud, Forceful Crime & Property Crime.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: rule Ellis Island law as only lawful border law!

Judge Andy Nap!
Judge Andrew Napolitano is making a speech about something

New York State judge upholds the need for Ellis Island immigrant law against Exec orders!

American District Court Judge Ann Donnelly has taken action to block Donald Trump’s orders, defending freedom of movement! So the president is not allowed to bar foreigners within our borders from becoming Americans. Also, only Congress can make border laws, and even then only with naturalization as goal. Which is why from 1890’s to 1950’s Ellis Island had the best border law America’s ever had. Back then, newcomers needed a disease check and a security check and then were free to formally apply for citizenship themselves. Plus amnesty was never granted back then and border walls were never built, and neither of these are needed now. So then, should Andrew Napolitano lead our path to recycling Ellis Island border law? However, who is Andrew Napolitano anyway?

For those not knowing who he is…

Please let me explain; Judge Andrew Napolitano is a senior Judicial Analyst for Reason Magazine. But also, he was a former judicial branch ruler on the federal level. Mentally, he is a Libertarian like my good self. However, unlike most libertarians, he tends to be on the Pro-Defense side of US military debates. Plus, this is a judge who makes solid cases, in this topic, for an easy path to citizenship that excludes amnesty.

Okay, this part’s for Judge Nap himself!

Dear Judge Andrew Napolitano;

I wish to show you the historic success of Ellis Island law on immigration. According to this neat video, Ellis Island had 6 decades of safely processing newcomers to America! And it was not just European migrants like my own ethnically Irish fellow Perkins people of the time. Take World War One times for example. Armenians, Greeks, Syrians and even Turks were fleeing from Islamic Statist tyranny and genocide. Specifically, The Ottoman Caliphate’s Sunni Islamic Statism, was incentivizing a genocide.

But there were those failing security tests and those were banned from our nation. Therefore, it is easy to see that Ellis Island policy is not naive about security issues. Actually, I am calling upon you, Judge Napolitano, to use the first chance you get to rule about this Ellis Island border law. Please, use that chance to rule the Ellis Island immigration policy from 1890s to 1950s as the only constitutional immigration policy.

And yes, the above notes on Ellis Island migrant policy is my message to all of America as well.