How Israel Should Address Its Fears for Tourists…

Female soldier of Israel
Israeli military woman. Let her and her co-workers Defend her Free Society!

Israel has pulled a coward in how to ‘defend’ its people and tourists.

Sadly, the closest nation in the Middle East to a Liberty land is passing off appeasement as defense. Basically, Israel reacted to ISIS plans against Israeli beaches by ordering tourists to exit the beaches. However, that land needs to know that this is not self-defense, this is simply cowardice. Perhaps I need to remind the good people of that land what it means to nationally self defend. But before I do, I need to throw some quick disclaimers here.

First Disclaimers

Basically, I am adamantly Pro Israel. So much so I want my government to stop telling that nation how it can and cannot defend its population. Likewise, I also cannot see why this opinion about that nation is only a minority thought among my fellow libertarians. According to me, any functioning brain of Individual Liberty frame of mind should be praising and defending Israel as the best behaved society, and least criminal government, in the Middle East.

And as for my fellow Libertarian Partiers reading this, know that I am still a citadel of Libertarian Party material. Basically, by this metaphor I mean the following.

  • I can respect alternative lifestyles and cannot respect the death penalty.
  • Privatizing Marriage and Ending the War on Drugs are ideas I endorse.
  • My intake of the American Bill of Rights is ultra-literal.
  • Free Markets, Free Trade, and Free Banking under Free Enterprise make the best economic recipe ever, says me.
  • Violence to me can only be justified in defense of self and/or others against physical damage.
  • And the examples are Legion.

Last Disclaimers

On behalf of the same principles, the following is also true about me.

  • I merge an adamant refusal to be callous to Israel with an eagerness to call them out on trashy moves like this.
  • My hostility to the idea of negotiating with Arab League states will never go away.
  • Iran’s obsession for slaughtering all of Israeli population makes me want to see Iranian government turned to ash.
  • Pakistan’s belligerence to Israel makes me wish nothing but ill upon Pakistan’s government.

Getting Back On Topic

Okay, so Israel obviously has taken action I condemn them as cowards for. Basically the action they have taken has flaunted a reluctance to exert their Unconditional right as a Free Society to Self-Defend. What do I mean when I call Israel a free society? Let’s break that down, if you will please let me.

Now that this has been clarified, let me break down what I’d rather Israel have done and why.

Israel has a moral right to retaliate against ISIS anyway it wants, no matter how destructive. And that’s because it is a free society and when it comes to nations, only free societies have a right to life. Tyrannies like Saudi Arabia and Iran and others, on the other hand, I put it to you like a question. If a tyrannical individual fails to deserve life and freedom by failing to respect life and freedom than how is it any different for a tyrannical nation?


Pakistan Putting Jihadi Terrorist Chiefs Up To… Peace Talks?

trio of Taliban
Three Taliban gunmen

Pakistan Wants its Go To Salafi proxy army to do peace talks?

Basically the most odd story ever about the Taliban, to me. Frankly I have read this story about Pakistan prepping them for peace talks. Many may say the Pakistani government is trying to get on the Liberty side of the War On Salafism. However, Pakistan’s state sponsorship of Jihad is well known. But before we can get into assessing Pakistan and whether they are a friend or a foe, what is Salafism?

Basically, Salafism is the ideology not just of taking the Islamic religion to religious fanatic extremes, but mainly of working to build a planetary empire based on these extremes.

Time to assess the Pakistani regime

What does Pakistan do to sponsor the Salafis? Frankly, what they did in the middle 1990s was actively sponsor the Taliban usurp of Afghanistan. Without the support of Pakistan, their usurp of Afghanistan would perhaps have not happened. However, India is also a victim of Pakistan-sponsored terror. That’s Pakistan sponsoring revolts in a part of India called Kashmir. It was unknown whether Pakistan severed all ties to the Taliban over 9/11, until now. Recently we have found they have no such interest, but why would they sever all ties?

In essence, I can tell you why they would not. Pakistan would never abandon the Taliban because they share the same brand of Salafism. This brand is called Deobandi, which itself has two styles. The nationally imperial style in Afghanistan, and the globally imperial style in Pakistan.

Lastly, there is the status of individual liberty in Pakistan: there is none. Culturally, this PDF finds them to have “Very Low Moral Freedom”. But as for economics, Cato and Fraser Institutes find Pakistan among the world’s “Least Free” economies.

How should America deal with Pakistan?

Personally, and knowing what I know now, I think America should have launched a heavily principled War On Salafism; with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as primary targets, more so the former than the latter. Why? Because We The People have been attacked first and thus have the moral right to fight Salafi Empire philosophy. But what do I mean by “principled”?

As opposed to the severely unprincipled foreign policy we have now, we need a colorfully principled policy of Defensive Posture and Free Trade. Basically free trade, in this foreign policy I say we need, is unilaterally lowering foreign economies’ tariffs and regulations to zero. Okay so let’s get back on topic. Frankly, in this context, defensive posture abstains from nation building and makes the military avoid nannying people overseas. The job of a libertarian regime’s military is to defend people from terrorism and genocide, including both imminent and latent threats of these. Nothing else. For example, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are imminent terrorism threats to the human species while Iran is, put rather simply, a latent threat of genocide to humanity.

Iraq Storms Out Against Salafis in Mosul!

Prep for Mosul
Iraqi troops readying to reclaim Mosul

Iraqi Military proves itself ally to the US recently.

Wow! The Iraqi Military has shown marked improvement in their effort to defend humanity against the Salafi movement! Basically, they have reclaimed Mosul recently. Frankly this is excellent progress for the fight against Salafism. However this is also a good time to speak truth to history of Iraq. But also a great time to speak truth to meaning about Salafism. Lastly I am going to offer solutions to the problem of Salafism that have their efficiency carved into history.

Iraq During Saddam Hussein vs After Saddam Hussein

There are some obviously marked contrasts between Iraq 1979-2003 and Iraq since 2003. Firstly, Saddam spent his entire rule being a genocidal tyrant against the Kurdish and Shia citizens of Iraq. And the Anfal Campaign was not the only example. However, genocide was not the only thing Saddam did in his reign. This guy also sponsored terrorism to the point where destabilizing the Middle East was something he thrived on doing. Plus his ideas of enforcing law were some of the most terroristic horrors as well. Lastly he was someone who did not care whether or not American diplomats overseas were victims of his barbaric rule.

However; fast forward to the nature of Iraqi military and such long after 2003, and it is like a completely new Iraq as we have seen just now. Basically Iraq nowadays is a government that does all it can to quell both imminent and latent threats to the American People. But, I’m slightly inclined to say this they do to hold on to healthier relations they have with us now than they did under Saddam.

WAIT! What is the Salafi movement?

Okay, so let me discuss this one. Salafism is basically the ultra-puritanical intake of the Islamic faith. Basically its members are Islamic religious fanatics who wish to enslave the whole human species to their own purist intake of the Koran and of the Hadiths. Some call this movement the Islamic Totalitarian movement, or Islamic Statist movement for short. Even though I know there is a distinct Shia equivalent to Salafism, called Khomeinism, they are both the same movement to me. So that’s why they are both the Salafi movement to me.

Solutions, with a side serving of solutions

Basically I can offer a handful of solutions that either have been proven effective in the distant past or been proposed by people like Rand Paul or Austin Petersen. However, don’t expect me to offer any pacifistic solutions.

Firstly, I have explored, at least in my head, the option of hiring the Kurds as Constitutional mercenaries. Using Letters of Marque and Reprisal, we can offer the Kurds an independent Kurdistan as reward for destroying ISIS itself. Meanwhile, I say We The People go after ISIS’s state sponsors. What state sponsors you ask? Well, Saudi Arabia is chiefest of sponsors of ISIS, the second in line is Pakistan. Libertarian think tank Cato knows this all too well.

However, there is also the option of pulling a Savannah Campaign to directly target Islamic Totalitarians’ Fossil Fuel culture. Basically do to 2010’s Islamic Statist fossil fuel culture what Sherman did to 1860’s White Supremacist cotton field culture.

Lastly, there is the idea of sending in weaponized drones, and weaponized robots too. This I base on a notion in military technology floated around by current Libertarian Party runner for California governor Zoltan Istvan.

Is that ‘Big Challenge’ in Syria Assad or is it Islamic Totalitarians?

Medieval city in Aleppo, Syria
The city of Aleppo in what looks like Medieval Syria

In Syria, Iconic parts of Aleppo are being destroyed by both sides.

But wait! Both sides of what? A civil war? Frankly, yes it is both sides of a civil war. Specifically, the country of Syria is being fought over by two ‘big challenge‘ forces. Basically, these two teams are the forces of Bashar Assad and the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism. However, there are many questions to ask, and indeed answer. All of these must come before asking questions of what to do and why. Also, we need to not only think before we act. But also research and maybe even strategize before acting.

What kind of ruler is Bashar al-Assad?

From all that can be gathered, Assad rules his country in a way with no room at all for political rights or for civil liberties. Cato Institute also catches Assad being the 4th most tyrannical ruler in a human freedom overall. Also, they find that Assad causes routine famine and poverty in his land by stifling economic freedom in Syria to the level of 13 lowest on Earth. Basically, he is quick and routine to benefit from regional instability just as Saddam Hussein was.

Plus, evidence suggests that Bashar Assad is a state sponsor of terrorism. Specifically, Syria is a state sponsor of Islamic Totalitarian acts of terror. Mainly, it is worth noting that Syria is the 2nd lead sponsor of an Islamic Totalitarian militia called Hezbollah. Only Iran sponsors them more prolifically.

What is the Islamic Totalitarian movement?

Basically, the ideology of Islamic Totalitarianism is the ideology that motivated the atrocity of 9/11. Therefore, it’s the one that provoked the ‘War’ on Terror. Generally, what it calls for is enslavement of the entire human species to despotic rule. And it’s despotic rule based on a purist intake of the Islamic faith.

Its top four sponsors, in order from most to least voracious; are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

What is the job of the US Military?

In short, the job of the US military is not to impose democracy or even laissez-faire onto other nations. This magazine explains it perfectly, in its analysis of Rand Paul foreign policy.

Government’s job is to protect people from force globally; and from force, fraud and theft locally.

How does this apply to addressing Syria?

Often, I take to this online self analysis quiz called iSideWith. And one of the answers I give that lands me at 89% libertarian (and 79% Libertarian Party) every time is over whether to topple Assad. Basically, I think on how much less prolific Syrian sponsorship of Islamic Totalitarianism is than Iran, Pakistan, and mainly Saudi Arabia. Frankly this leads me to think the US military needs to make Saudi Arabia target number 1 for wiping of Islamic Totalitarianism from the world. To me; Pakistan, Iran and Syria need be secondary, tertiary and quaternary target; respectively.

Iran Is Still an Islamic Statist Regime, Despite arresting Islamic Statists

The chiefs of Iran
Iran’s government officials making military plans

Iran recently arrested some Islamic Statists for trying to shred an Iranian civil ceremony.

A short time ago, the Islamic State known as Iran has arrested some Islamic Statists sponsored by one of its neighbors. However, it is not clear which of its neighbors sent them. Basically, if you don’t know, they are a big time sponsor of Jihadi terror. Frankly, they’re the 3rd largest sponsor of terrorism to only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Specifically, they’re a theocratic oligarchy posing as a republic and who forces politicized Shia Islam onto its people. However, they are the only Islamic State that thrives on Shia nationalism. Generally, all other Islamic States, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, thrive on Sunni nationalism.

What do I mean by Sunni and Shia nationalism?

Basically, there are two main sectors of the Islamic faith, Sunni and Shia. The divide between the two is over whether Islam prophet and Koran author Muhammad chose an intellectual heir. Frankly, what I have gathered, Sunnis are the ones saying yes while Shias are the ones saying no. But what of the contrast between the religious nationalisms?

According to the behavior of Iran vs the behavior of other Islamic States, there’s very little contrast. Sunni nationalists are the Islamic Statists who want to turn the entire planet into an authoritarian monarchy. Meanwhile, their Shia counterparts are those who want to make our planet an authoritarian oligarchy. Other than this, both sides of the Islamic Statist movement want to make our planet our a unitary Islamic Theocracy.

How do Iran and its fellow Islamic States spread Islamic Statism?

Looking at the World Fact Book, Islamic Statists finance themselves and each other by being a petroleum culture. Broadly, more of an all of the above brand of Fossil Fuel culture. Granted, they have other industries they as theocracies sustain themselves with, but fossil fuel does almost all of the sustaining.

Should the American military do anything?

Depends! What is the job of the US Military? Basically, the job of the US military is to defend human beings in general from Initiations of Force. Specifically, initiations of force that are done for political and religious goals with nothing to do with defense. And in regard to how to address Iran, it is obviously no different. Incessantly, Iran has asserted openly that they are obsessed on doing the initiation of force for the religious (non-defensive) goal of making the globe a theocratic big-government oligarchy.

So far as I can tell, to defeat any Islamic Statist regime, whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran; I say we need to recycle an American Civil War policy. Specifically, we need the US military to take General Sherman’s policy toward Slavery South plantation economics and apply it to Islamic Theocracy fossil fuel economics.

US Military Faces Need to Raise its Budget and its Wages

Military Pilots
Couple of US Military Pilots

American Military may need to raise budget and wages due to demand surpassing supply.

WOW! The US Military has recently gotten perhaps the most organic lesson in economics I have seen them learn! Specifically, they are experiencing more demand for their service than they can supply. Basically this means the US military will have to raise its own budget, setting aside what Congress or Donald Trump or anyone else says. How is this an accurate assumption about US defense funding? Frankly there are many factors we have to account for in this analysis. Firstly there is the fact that a free and therefore stable economy is one that works within the rules of supply and demand. Basically when there is more demand than supply, then budgets, profits and wages all go above averages. However, if there is less demand than supply, the opposite happens, going below averages. Lastly if demand equals supply, then all of these match what’s monetarily normal.

Congress must let the US Armed Force fund itself!

Although Congress has the authority to change the defense budget every two years, they do not have the authority to do anything about the rules of supply and demand. Frankly, the US military has proven it can efficiently fund itself without taxes. The best example for this claim of mine is the Toys for Tots charity the US Marines do at least every winter. However this is not the only way the US Armed Force can fund itself. Also consider that lotteries tend to be the most popular means for non tax revenue among government programs. And please do not blindly believe me on this, think of Connecticut state lottery instead. Plus, out of individualism, I suspect there are plenty of US generals willing to open State Owned Enterprises such as military history museums.

Should Royalty deals be made for the US military?

Of course! For example, I will be more than happy to cut a royalty deal with the US military regarding my graphic novels. Once I get the mythology for them patented, I’ll lend them a decent share of every profit I make. Plus, this is how I plan to famish the Internal Revenue Service on a one man basis. Matter a fact, I have other plans for my other for-profit hobbies as well, for ending the IRS.

Therefore, if I have any Americans reading this who got Asperger’s like I got, then I advise onto you. Make royalty deals with out national defense and/or with state and local government services. Because this is how those of us who are giant nerds like me Make Taxation Theft Again.

What can the US military do to grow how peopled it is?

Frankly, US strategists and tacticians can expand the pool of qualified volunteers. Basically these strategists and tacticians do this by opening classrooms that are about the science, history, and/or philosophy of military affairs. However, such classrooms cannot be funded through taxation or other coercive means. Instead, these guys and gals should charge user fees and rental fees for the students. Basically the students who give their best effort will pass such classes. Therefore, the passing students will be the ones who qualify to voluntarily sign up for military service.

Action on Old Intel Proves Only Congress Should Wage War.

Pentagon and Intel
The Pentagon seen from afar

Outdated Intel incident regarding Yemen confirms only Congress should be waging or declaring wars.

Intel that is exactly a decade old was acted on militarily in Yemen. Of course this came with self-crippling results for the US military. However, Yemen is an Islamic Statist regime and as such is at least a latent threat to the American People. Sadly, the US troops were rushed into Yemen by the White House with no clear plan. Basically what we are seeing is the result of impulse rule by the White House. Namely, this is an example of what happens without oversight by Congress! What does that even mean? It means that only Congress has the power to do military actions and to act on intel reports.

Building a Morality for War

How can we as libertarians, people who prize freedom and liberty above all else, build a morality for war? Our own morality for the military of America or any other free societies to abide by? Broadly, my camp has a severely flawed defense policy that makes no effort to answer these valid questions. However I’m ready to mix the most relevant libertarian values into a wise morality for war! Basically, the most topical libertarian values to this post are self-defense and constitutional jobs. So how about this for a morality.

  1. When the US military goes to war it should only be to secure economic freedom and personal liberty for the American People.
  2. Securing these requires intel that is from within the same week as also-needed approval by Congress.
  3. Intel report must consist of all 16 intel agencies saying at very high ratios that there’s either an imminent threat or a latent one.
  4. Then, after the first 3 rules have been met the US military needs to do all that’s needed to total end the enemy!
  5. Lastly, after the enemy is ended the US needs to bring a majority of troops home while leaving a few thousand behind to grow a Laissez-faire Economy.

Let’s return to the subject!

Okay, so Yemen may be of latent threat to the American People but that does not justify acting on decade-old intel! Rather that justifies having a clear entry plan, battle plan and exit plan. One could have intel on Saudi Arabian sponsorship of terrorism and it would still have to be recent to really do anything with. Basically, the question for intel are, or should be, rather easy to ask. Firstly, how old or new is the intel we are analyzing? Also, what does this gathering prove about the subject? Even the intel agents themselves should know it is national suicide to pretend to know everything!

France Takes First Step in Right Angle Against Islamic Statism!

Woman of military of France
French military heroine who shot a pawn of Islamic Statism!

France Has its Military standing up to Islamic Statist bullies, predators, and terrorists! Go France!

France has a supreme heroine in its military! Some Islamic Statist decided to take a machete and butcher every woman in a French platoon. But they retaliated instantly, or rather, the French woman warrior above preempted the barbarian. As in she shot that Statist filth almost to death when he was right about to chop someone down the head! However, I have some constructive criticism for the French military. I want the French to know that they have taken the first step to waking up to individual right of self-defense. More broadly, also societal right of self-defense! Okay, that sounds more like a compliment but my intent still stands. Firstly, we must look at the history of French society and Greater Middle East society relations.

Greater Middle Eastern & French Relations History

Islamic Statist initiations of force against France for political and social goals dates back to the Medieval Times. For example, the Islamic Statists kicked off their relations with the French by attempting to murder it. Therefore in the year 732 the Battle of Tours happened. Much later in 1954 that Statist scum incited a civil revolt by Algeria against the French. However this ended with a 1962 truce. And of course these days, if you go here and do control (command on Apple OS) + [F] and type ‘France’ into the find bar you’ll see the Islamic Statists have violated France about 49 times between late 2001 and now.

What’s next for the French military to do?

Basically, the French intel agencies need to learn all they can about State Sponsors of Islamic Statist acts of terror. And then they will find that it’s any nation where Sharia applies in full.

Purple = full Islamic Statism
Islamic Statism by country (purple = Islamic Statist regime)

Or the people of France can just use this map above to figure out which societies are their enemy. It’s the ones shaded in purple.

Then given the 49+ Islamic Statist attacks including the one this post is commentary on, I say onto France:

  • You have a duty to the French people to totally destroy every Legit Military Target under the control of these regimes, and to include any and all government program actors and institutions under those regimes as LMTs. However, then I’d advise that you bring a huge majority of troops home and leave a few thousand behind in each land. This would be to foster the growth of a laissez-faire economy with no monopolies.

How Trump Warning Iran Will Backfire, What We The People must do.

Dictator of Iran
Hassan Rouhani; the proxy dictator of Iran, whose nation is the third largest sponsor of Jihadi terrorism at present.

Donald Trump has warned Iran against nuking anything.

When it comes to Iran, they are a massive state sponsor of Jihadi terrorism. However, Donald Trump is here to… command them to behave better or else. Yeah, allow me to dig into this in order for my fellow Connecticut Libertarian Partiers to know the facts.

Firstly, Hassan Rouhani is the current proxy dictator of Iran. As for the nation itself, its a theocratic big government statist regime. Specifically, it is a Shia-Islamic religious fanatic regime with rigged elections. Broadly speaking, its politics are based directly on the ideology of Islamic Statism. Also known to the Ayn Rand Institute folks as Islamic Totalitarianism. Matter a fact, the terror militias that they sponsor are legions of Islamic Statists. Several Islamic Statist troop types make up, in essence, the Iranian military. The legion known as the ‘Quds’ is this regime’s equal to the Nazi Vaffen SS, meaning they’re the elite of Iranian Islamic Statist elite.

Freedom and Liberty in Iran (there is none)

Cato Institute has found that Iran is perhaps the worst nation ever in human freedom. Worse yet, this nation is the 6th lowest country in the world [of 160] for the economic freedoms that are byproducts of Laissez Faire capitalism. Plus, the same think tank also finds that Iran buys weapons from secular dictators and resells them to Islamic Statist militias. Granted, they mostly equip much of this weaponry to their official military, but their official military is also Islamic Statists.

What Threat is this regime to Americans?

From leading its people to weekly chants of ‘Death to Americans‘ to keeping the 33rd highest funded and 8th most peopled military. Basically this regime is a latent threat who’s proved in posture that it wants to kill all Americans. When it comes to fellow libertarians, Utah Senator Mike Lee knows the danger of Iran better than maybe anyone else in the Federal Gov right now. And if we just go with commanding them to quit nuclear, their posture is proof they will use their military against We The People of the United States of America.

How do we address this latent threat?

Firstly we can start by getting Congress to approve US military retaliation against Iran. Secondly the military needs to totally destroy every Legitimate Military Target under enemy control. Meanwhile our troops need to include any and all enemy government workers and properties as LMTs. After the swift victory is claimed, we need to bring a huge majority of troops home while a few thousand stay there to foster the growth of Capitalism.

Mr. Trump Officially Sucks at Defending the Libertarian World

Australian PM - Sorry for my 45th's FAIL at defending you.
Malcolm Turnbull granting a speech somewhere in urban Australia

Donald J. Trump officially sucks at defending the honest & simple Libertarian world

Good god, says this atheist. There goes Donald Trump again. This time he’s falsely accusing the Australian president of sponsoring a second Boston Bombing. However, the US and Australia have historically had beautiful relations. Basically this nation to nation beauty ranged from trading with each other to defending each other. Also it ranged from being in on OECD together to bilaterally defending the Asia Pacific from the wrath of General Hideki Tojo.

Electoral Disclaimer

No, this is totally and utterly not a claim that Hillary would have been better or even less bad. Just because I am calling Trump out on something he’s doing wrong does not make me a shill for Hillary.  In fact, I very strongly backed someone called Austin Petersen against both of these during Spring of 2016. Also you need to go to my ‘What I Believe Who I Am‘ page to learn my exact views. Now I am going to assume I have deterred the impulsive ones, so let’s move on to talking the actual topic. Friends defending each other instead of smearing each other.

Trump Threatens How Australians and Americans look at each other

Gallup finds that I am one of 92% of Americans who views Australia as an honest friend. On the flip side, Pew Global finds that 66% of Australians see us the same way. Not to mention, Australia has been one of our top truest friends and allies in fighting Islamic Statism. And they have a lovely record of defending us and us doing the same for them. Frankly this is a record that spans back to World War Two’s Pacific front. Plus, the Australians thoughts about the Boston Bombing can be summed up by this screen cap I took.

Donald Trump ignores the above because of the filth he adheres to called Populism.

Defending Friends does not require treaties, but does require empathy

Proving he has no concept of empathy, Trump goes and claims the lie he claimed to provoke this post from me over a treaty. However, the truth about friendship between nations is identical to the truth about it between humans. Just as people need empathy and mutual likes instead of treaties to be friends, so too do nations need mutual likes and not treaties for friendship. Of course, we live under a president who cannot accept this fact of diplomacy. Trump is really testing my patience with the American electorate.

And I pledged to not do blanket hatred to the entire American electorate. Trump’s taste in friends overseas is eroding my ability to keep my pledge and it’s not even time to vote Yes or No on re-electing him yet.

From jacking up friendliness with obvious enemies to throwing horrific false claims at obvious friends, here is where I am now drawing the line. If Trump says anything false about Liberty in Israel, and specifically the subject of Liberty, then I will openly hate and smear 100% of the American electorate forever. Democrats and Republicans.