Good day, internet. PDL (Pro-Defense Libertarians) is an online news paper that comments on the news from a viewpoint of Pro-Defense Pro-America libertarianism. This means free enterprise, small government, civil liberty, strong military capability and Empire of Liberty. I, Kyle Perkins, am giving voice to well known neolibertarians, objectivists, classical liberals, and sometimes also minarchists. My goal with this news paper is to analyze the news from a series of perspectives that raise awareness of the fact that nearly half the U.S. Libertarian psychographic is made of smart people who abstain from suicidal foreign policy agendas.

About the Founder of Pro Defense Libertarians

I’m Kyle S. Perkins and I’m an Irish American residing in Cheshire, Connecticut. I’ve been building my intellectual capacity from the age of 7 to be all about being honest and simple. Of the above labels I fit the neolibertarian label, meaning I support a strong national defense. Also, I endorse a foreign policy of unilateral free trade and ending states who sponsor terror. Plus I favor preemptive strikes and replacing every tyranny on Earth with a free market. The fourth of these is based on a liberty minded concept by Thomas Jefferson called Empire of Liberty. However, I do know all too well the fails of changing tyrannies into democracies. Plus I believe that this free market regime change is not a duty, but a right. Lastly, I like Middle-earth, gaming, swimming, cycling, summers and Games Workshop.

To Write for Pro-Defense Libertarians

I welcome voices in the 4 labels above. However, I do have 8 easy rules for every author to abide by. Thankfully I am going to make these rules easy to read for you all.

  1. You must be both a fiscal and civil libertarian at the same time.
  2. Wikis are not to be citied, but I do favor links that open in new tabs for citations.
  3. On PDL, citing antiwar.com on foreign policy is like citing Karl Marx on economy. So please do not cite them!
  4. You must score a 60 or better on this table for me to approve your post.
  5. If you are going to cuss then please keep it PG-13, the less cussing the better to me.
  6. Look to this dictionary for shorter terms for the words you want. Only use dictionary.com as plan B.
  7. The % of a month’s $ you get paid is based on what % of that month’s posts are authored by you, no more & no less.
  8. I’ll split the wealth up on rule 7’s basis on the last day of each month, whether you need to remind me or not.

Enjoy your visit!