What’s a Neolibertarian?

Neolibertarian flag?
US troops holding up a comedic ‘no step on me’ flag. Sums up the Neolibertarian well.

Neolibertarian definition, principles and honest analysis you’ll never find on other sites.

Alright! So, I have taken it upon myself to add a new page giving the only truthful page you’ll ever find. Basically this is the only truthful page you’ll ever find explaining my political ideology of neolibertarian. Broadly this is the only page you will find all the facts all in one place about this philosophy. However, I do think that eventually some other site will make another honest and simple page about this subject. So, get ready to learn all the principles of this ideology as well. Basically because this is the only honest page you’ll ever find on this topic you must read the entire page.

The Definition of Neolibertarianism

  • Fiscal libertarians who support a strong military, and believe that the military should topple terroristic and genocidal regimes. Basically, its the emphasis on foreign policy and national defense that makes it distinct within the Liberty Movement. However, this ideology does have its own set of principles. Basically the principles have an emphasis on freedom and liberty.

The Principles part 1 (what they mean is in brackets)

  • Free Trade (lowering all countries’ economic regulatory burdens to zero)
  • Non-tax Revenue (making government play by the same rules for revenues that corporations play by)
  • Deregulation (having the golden rule, and rules of supply and demand, serve as the few and only rules for revenue raisers)
  • Free Banking (letting private banks issue their own currencies to compete with each other and with national currency)
  • Marriage Privatization (taking the government out of marriage and instead making it a private sector institution)
  • Drug Liberalization (ending the war on drugs and letting drug markets rise and fall on a supply and demand basis)
  • Social Security Privatization (letting people set up their own retirement funds right in their homes so that when they die of old age the funds go to their kids)
  • Free expression (liberty to express one’s opinions freely)
  • Freedom of the press (liberty for journalism hubs to report and/or analyze the news without ideological regulation)
  • Religious Liberty (liberty to preach and practice any religious or secular morality without forcing it onto anyone but oneself)
  • Freedom of choice (the right to choose one’s own food, clothing, shelter and other lifestyle choices with no external influence)

The Principles part 2

  • Freedom of movement (ability of individual to travel where one wishes, when one wishes)
  • Westernization at borders (processing immigrants and refugees to train them to abide by the tenets of Western culture)
  • Right of Self-Defense (legal ability to use force to defend the lives of self and/or others)
  • Golden Rule (the idea that you should not do anything to people you don’t want done to you)
  • Unilateralism (the idea that a nation’s foreign policy should be about nothing but ethical self-interest)
  • Nothing But Fast Victory (commanding one’s military to do all that is mandatory to ending a threat to one’s people in under five years)
  • Anticipatory Self-Defense (destroying latent and imminent threats to one’s people before those threats become attacks)
  • Capitalist Regime Change (bringing a huge majority of troops home from victory and leaving a few thousand behind to oversee the growth of a free market economy with no corporatist aspects [i.e. Germany & Japan after WW2]). See Capitalist Peace Theory for rationale.
  • Western Supremacy (the idea that Western culture has the best values and that this is proven by the material success of societies of Europe, North America and Oceania)


This page is meant to explain truthfully what a neolibertarian is. However, I welcome dissent and also other comments, as does any true neolibertarian. Thank you internet,

~Kyle P.