What do I, as founder-director of PDN, believe?

All the facts about me. What I believe, and who I am.

Hello Internet! I wanted to take some time on my network, Pro-Defense News, to clarify broadly, what I believe and who I am as a human being. However, I am not going to use labels, nor am I going to specify nations or politicians by name. I am going to break this down into two sections. One called What I believe and the other called Who I am.

What I Believe: Economy

Fiscally, the laws I support are about Free markets, Free tradeFree banking, and Free Enterprise under Supply & Demand. I oppose Supplemental Security Income because it pays people with disabilities to rely on their disability to get ahead. And as someone with a disability (Asperger’s) that is not something I am prepared to do! Frankly, I call for people who have what I have to build a work ethic, chase Honor Roll in schools, use English dictionaries from before 2010 to learn terms, and chase a job in science while authoring one or more novels of a mythology of your own! Plus, I want to privatize all charities and let them stay Nonprofit. And I do not think that taxation and regulation are good ideas, only Non-Tax Revenue and the golden rule.

What I Believe: Culture

Socially, I desire a permissive society that allows individuals to live their own unique lifestyles. The abhorred War on Drugs needs to come to an end starting tomorrow. I believe this because the Drug Schedule makes no sense, for one thing. Plus, it is illegal how the government is addressing families’ drug problems. Don’t believe me? Then think the history of the 18th and 21st Amendments. Then contrast that with how and why Richard Nixon launched the Drug War. So far as abortion goes, I think the line to draw between right and crime is the line between 5th month and 6th month of pregnancy. LGBT people can rest assured that I stand up for gay rights as in I do textualist adherence to the 14th amendment. Speaking of which, let’s talk government and law.

What I Believe: Government

No, I do not want to abolish the government. I just want government to be an indirect democracy that passionately does textualist adherence to it’s country’s constitution. However, here in America, I am a tiny bit selective about what I want government to go full textualist about. As in I want the US federal gov to be an indirect democracy who goes full textualist on the Preamble and also all 7 Articles. Plus I want the feds going full textualist on Amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24, and 26 of the US Constitution.

What I Believe: Foreign Policy & Military

In essence, I am a strong admirer of major exponents of this concept Thomas Jefferson did on Christmas of 1780. This concept is Empire of Liberty, and it is the concept that the United States ought to spread Liberty across the globe. Basically this is me being totally convinced that no culture is better behaved generally speaking than US culture. To me the US culture is the least barbaric on this planet. From our constitution to the natural tendency of most of us toward free markets, I believe that only our values deserve to be spread to foreign lands.

As for the military side, I am a very strong admirer of the US military in general, but I have to, and do, judge US soldiers on an individual basis. Ours is the only military coming up with charities like Toys for Tots and others. Plus ours is the only one eager to foster free markets and free trade worldwide. Thus I want the US military to be the highest funded, most peopled, best equipped and best trained ever. That is, by a massively long way. However, I’ve got my own belief on the question of military intervention overseas. To me it’s not a question of whether we like (tyranny’s name here) or dislike it. Rather its a 2-in-1 question. 1] does the tyranny have a latent threat ability? 2] has it shown in posture that it wants to attack us or our OECD friends anytime in the future?

Who I Am

I am ethnically Irish; born in Derby CT and raised in Cheshire CT. Cheshire is where I currently reside. Like I said I have Asperger’s which some think is a disability but the truth is it’s a character trait. I am very adamantly a Secular Morality Atheist. I base my secular morality on the golden rule mixed with virtues of individualism and right of self defense. My ultimate favorite mythology is the Lord of the Rings mythology. So much so it inspired me to make a mythology of my own. In addition, this favoritism of mine made me very into a Games Workshop product line based on said mythology. I am turning 23 on May 6th of this year and stand nearly six feet.

My taste in women is basically blue eyed brunettes with a lot of personality to them, smarts and nerdy interests are big pluses to me. Although I predict I’ll end up marrying a green eyed redhead. I have been very into building myself for a career as a paleontologist since I was very little. On a level of hobbies I love bicycling, swimming, drawing concept art, authoring my own mythology, and blogging about topics I’d normally only talk to my best friend forever JPEG-2, as I nickname him, about in person. Its my blogging hobby that lead to the creation of Pro-Defense News, honestly.

Lastly, I am an Independent voter who recently joined the CT state level Libertarian Party.